The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 2

From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.


Jews are blamed for all the sins of mortals. But we don’t talk about this. This is boring and useless. It is much more interesting and topical to talk about something else. About the “terrible” Jewish secret.

This is the most amazing thing, this “terrible” secret cannot be stolen because it is freely accessible to everyone, to Jews and non-Jews.

It is possible to share it with everyone; and nothing will happen. There is no need to control it, to go or to travel anywhere and there is no need to pay anything. There is no need to ask permission from anyone. It is imperative for all, but nobody knows this. It doesn’t weigh anything at all, but we cannot take it and go. It is very attractive, but we don’t want to look at it. It is more valuable than anything else in the world, but we don’t want it, even for free. It is found in front of us, but we don’t believe it. It is impossible to give it as a gift and it is also impossible to take it as a gift.

So what kind of secret are we talking about? You haven’t guessed yet? This is talking about an idea that consists of eight words: “And you shall love your friend as yourself”.

As is known, the Jewish people were founded by the patriarch Abraham. The ethical principle or ideal “and you shall love your friend as yourself,” was spread with the help of the people of Abraham all over the planet.

And you shall love your friend as yourself (the Golden Rule) is a basic principle ofthe religions of Abraham, in Confucianism, in ancient philosophy, and in a number of other world religions.

Only one thing is unclear, how did Abraham reach, if such a thing can be said directly, to this “crazy” idea, “you shall love your friend as yourself”? On the basis of what observations, discoveries, and experiments was it?

There are those who say that he received this knowledge from the Creator. Others claim that he discovered this by himself. The essential idea is not changed by this. The result is what is important. And the result is amazing; it surpasses all imagination. The principle, which essentially cannot be followed, lies at the foundation of all our civilization!

An approach exists that this is not some kind of ethical ideal but is a fundamental law of nature according to which all humanity must behave. …

It is specifically this approach that we want to examine in this book. If this is an ethical principle that was discovered by some person, then this is one thing. But if this is a law, and further, a fundamental law, then everything is absolutely different. In such a case we, as far as it seems, can look in another way not only at our present and our past, but it could be that ultimately we will discover how we must build the future.

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