The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 1

Excerpts from the soon-to-be-published book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, by Michael Brushtein.

Close to 4,000 years ago the Jewish people did what was absolutely impossible. In an incomprehensible way they suddenly decided that it must, and was capable of implementing the idea, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

Why are we mentioning this today, in the 21st century? Because every day we are more convinced that without good mutual relationships between people we simply will not survive.

What must we do when human values depreciate before our eyes and turn to dust, when what was considered taboo in the past, has become a norm, when someone who was previously a brother has become the cruelest enemy, when nobody can be sure of anything?

The time has finally come to scrutinize how and from where this absolutely unattainable ideal of the Jewish people, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” appeared. Then, perhaps, we will succeed in understanding how to stop the incessant deterioration of our civilization everywhere. …

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