The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 4

From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein:

Why Now?

Why is it so important today to decide about this strange and difficult to digest law, to understand the nature of anti-Semitism? To be convinced that Abraham discovered the law of nature without an electron microscope and without a particle accelerator, or maybe out of simple curiosity? No. Everything is much more complex.

The prophecies of Abraham began to be realized from the dawn of civilization. They were based upon the laws of nature and he said that sooner or later humanity would have to connect, and today we feel the results of connection on all levels, which are sometimes painful.

As the wisdom of Kabbalah and Abraham predicted, today, at the end of the 20th century we have returned, but already now, around the entire Earth, we have entered into that state of the “small village” and of the “butterfly effect.” The crisis is global, ecological disasters are global, epidemics are spreading, the Internet network is global, and within this network there are social networks which are no less global. The more that we advance we see the more that the world becomes confused within global and integral problems. At the same time, ideas about connection come back again like a boomerang in one form or another and give no rest to humanity. This has already reached the absurdity that the biggest capitalists are talking about social identification and brotherhood.

And here I am entering into the vague and most problematic realm, the realm of values and social identification. In every society there must be particular common values. The values of the market in themselves are unable to fulfill this role. In addition, Abraham established the nation such that according to the program it must first show an example of new social relationships.

According to the example of Israel, it is certainly possible to see how imperative the general education of the population in the area of connection is, and only through that will it be possible to solve all the problems of society and show the whole world an example in this way. Generally we thought: Maybe we will follow Abraham and organize our own research? Essentially it is up to us to find the answers to two questions:

1.  Where do we see the laws of connection in the world around us?

2.  How are the Jews connected to the connection of the whole world?

We are aware that for this kind of research we require a genius like Abraham, and we are not geniuses. Yet together with this, unlike Abraham, we have experience that we have gathered for 3800 years of the development of civilization. Meanwhile, it is not clear how all of this will wind up but it is known that even a negative result is also a result.
From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

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