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Two New Books About The Crisis Published In Taiwan

Two books about the crisis, written in traditional Chinese characters, are being published in Taiwan: The Crisis: Do You Want to Know Why? and Salvation: How to Survive the Global Crisis.


Such An Unexpected Person

laitman_752_1Today, we begin to realize more and more that all of creation is one system and that there is nothing coincidental about it. Everything works according to a general plan that is not known to us. We don’t know who invented it and who manages it, but at least it is clear that everything works according to some upper plan.

Therefore, we can predict what will happen in one place or in several places according to what happens in a certain place. Eventually, we begin to examine the entire system as one whole.

This leads us to the question of why we can be so successful on the level of the still nature, but, at the same time, cannot predict anything when it comes to the human level. We can launch a spaceship to explore another planet and make sure that it lands there, takes pictures, and sends them back to us, or even sends it to some more distant stars.

This means that we know how to calculate its movement in relation to the stars, and this indicates that we know the laws of nature at least to the depth of the physical level.

These laws of the mutual connection do indeed exist and it isn’t by chance that everything in the universe revolves, but this is only on the level of the still nature, while on the vegetative and the animate levels of nature on this planet, we encounter problems. As long as we remain on the level of the still nature, we can predict outcomes, the influence of still nature on plants and animals, and the influence of animals on the vegetative and still nature.

However, when it comes to man, everything is much more complicated. We don’t understand how he is incorporated in the general system. As long as we study only plants, we can predict what will happen during the year, in two years’ time, in five years or even in fifty years according to the seasons and the climate. We also can predict to some extent what will happen in the animate world.

However, when we speak about man, we cannot even say what will happen to him tomorrow. The more complicated the object of our study is—the still, vegetative, animate, and the speaking nature—the more such unexpected forces and factors influence it, and we cannot predict its fate.

It is because the most important thing for us is to predict the future. Currently, we exist somehow, but it is interesting to know what will happen the next moment or in another thousand years.

We do understand the connection between the still and vegetative nature to some extent, such as the effect of sunlight on how a plant grows until it withers. Even here, we may be surprised and encounter phenomena that we don’t understand. Suddenly certain species of plants disappear for reasons that we don’t understand.

However, we have no idea at all as to how man affects the whole system of nature. The main thing is that every human being is an individual, a special personality. There is no such thing in the vegetative world where the entire field withers together. This is because we don’t pay attention to one plant but look at the field as one whole. Plants are indeed all connected to one another that way.

Every human being has his own, unique destiny that is different from others. We see that even newborn babies are very different. One is perfectly healthy and the other is very clever. Each one is an individual.

However, we cannot say that about animals. Interestingly, even people’s physical bodies, which belong to the animate level, are very different from one another. The human level radiates on them and gives them a special individuality so that each body receives its own unique psychological and physiological attributes.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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All Of The Planets Sustain Life On Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Stars, success, fate, astrology, a map of our lives, all of this awakens a strong curiosity in people, but it remains covered in the darkness of ignorance. So each one is free to imagine anything he wants about this area, and there are a multitude of astrological currents. But first of all, I would like to know, does a connection really exist between the arrangement of the stars and the fate of a person?

Answer: It is absolutely clear that if we live in an integral world that emerged from the singularity of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, from then up until this moment, it has expanded according to absolutely strict and clear laws of which we have discovered only a minute fraction. But in what we have discovered, we see iron-clad laws and inseparable connections between all parts of nature.

Our solar system was created under particularly favorable conditions that made the appearance of life possible. It is not by chance that the Earth was created as the third planet from the sun, under unique conditions that provide it with the two planets before it, Mercury and Venus, and all the planets that come after it, starting from Mars and beyond to the other plants.

It is interesting that together with Earth, all of the planets that orbit the sun have their own function in relation to it. They absorb and swallow waves of radioactive rays from the sun and don’t allow them reach the Earth.

By changes in location, the planets balance all this great system. It seems to us that the Earth rotates in empty space, but actually all of the planets are linked by rigid connections.

For example, not long ago it was discovered that Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, plays a gigantic role in our lives. If it were not for its immense mass that attracts, like a magnet, all the fragments that are flying around, then millions of times more meteors would have fallen on the Earth. In this manner it is our defensive shield.

Some of the planets shield us from harmful radiation, others work as absorbers that swallow sharp fluctuations and provide for stable conditions on Earth by which life can exist. Other  planets attract cosmic objects to themselves that threaten to fall on the Earth.

All of this works as a single system that we still don’t fully understand. The wisdom of Kabbalah shows how much all things are connected and depend upon each other. From that moment when the universe emerged from a single point until today, everything is managed within it by means of a single, general force that holds together the natures of the still, vegetative, and animate levels and all of humanity.

So without a doubt, there exists a connection between our fate and what is happening in the heavens if we are in a single system. The only question is can we discern and discover it?

Are we ready to come to such conclusions on the basis of thousands of years of observation and records that have been transmitted from generation to generation? In such a case, we explore this connection in a practical manner. Or, we don’t rely on experimental data but learn the main laws. Based on these laws, we will understand what will happen.

There are two ways to investigate nature: either experimentally or by attaining its laws. By attaining the laws without experimental data, we are able think about the future and predict what will happen.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/01/15

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The Last Plague

Laitman_514_02The Midrash “BeShalach,” The Creator says to Pharaoh: “I will give you just as much respect! I will not punish you by a messenger, I will punish you Myself!”

The Creator Himself kills Pharaoh since he is the ego that was created as something from nothing. Only by the Light from the uppermost Sefira Keter can perform such a correction, and it symbolizes the death of the ego.

It is the last plague, which is the correction of the stony heart. From that moment onward Egypt begins to wither and not only in the spiritual sense but also in the corporeal sense.

Until then the Egyptians used to embalm mummies and build pyramids. Their corporeal culture was full of spiritual forces. We can say that they lived in the egoistic feeling of the connection with the spiritual world. But now they cannot restore their earlier desires anymore.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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The Oral Torah Is A Key To Penetrating Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation for Reading

In this world, we have to prepare ourselves to read books. If it is an English novel, we should know English; if it is an architectural reference book, we have to possess at least some knowledge in this field, and if it is a report of a chemical experiment, we should know something about chemistry, etc.

We always need a certain elementary basis that is transmitted from generation to generation.

In spiritual attainment, the written Torah is accompanied by the oral Torah. The name “Torah” is derived from the word “OhrLight.” Thus, the written version of the book must be preceded by a preparation period, which is  the oral Torah.

The oral Torah accompanies the written book and is transferred from one generation to another by word of mouth, from a Kabbalist to another Kabbalist. It is conveyed through a chain of people who are capable of understanding the book.

If we really strive to learn what it talks about and aspire to reveal the world and understand the One who plays the movie of our lives, if we are willing to change in order to become similar to Him, to penetrate into the essence of images that are demonstrated to us, then we have to find people who know the oral Torah.

Performance with a Surprise

Question: What does it mean “to be similar to the force that plays the movie?”

Answer: It is about similarity of properties.

Let’s say, I am not familiar with the theater. I attend a performance and am totally unable to immediately comprehend what it is about. Then, somebody whispers in my ear that the author of the play is a very special man with a unique biography, and that the characters of the play are based on live people, who in fact, experienced the events described in the play.

I didn’t know anything about these facts. I was not prepared. Now, I know the story, the background, and if I penetrate a little deeper into it, I will develop new properties and sensations. Thus, I start sympathizing with the main characters as if I am in their shoes and even go through their states. I acquire the same qualities, and that’s why I regard the performance from a totally different angle.

Otherwise, we have no ability to understand the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/04/15

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How To Interfere With The Code Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible that I interfere with the upper governance’s code that descends to me in the form of a letter? In any other system, writing codes define the way the material the system is made of “behaves” and outlines what processes will take place.

Answer: The code includes everything. At the same time, there are certain gaps left for us deliberately in order for us to contribute our reaction. In other words, we don’t move blindly as robots without having any freedom of will, solely following the immutable laws and forces that govern us.

We accept the program that works within us and that leaves a certain space for our independence.

The program needs us to learn the letters and enter them correctly in the empty spaces that are specifically left open for us at the time the program was keyed into a typewriter or computer.

We are supposed to place the letters in the empty places in such a way that we work in unison with the author of the text, thus helping the program advance nicely in accordance with His and our desires.

Question: So, is it right that the letters can be split into two separate parts:

1.   The letters that are printed within us and that define what will happen to us, and

2.   The letters that we add on our own when we attain the wisdom hidden within them and begin actively participating in the process, i.e., when we write the letters ourselves.

Does it mean that I learn how to control things that define my reality?

Answer: Yes, it is true. What do those empty spaces in the text (the program) mean? You are given a power from above, the will to receive, and the power of bestowal. When they are combined together, the gaps in the text are filled.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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War With Pharaoh

laitman_749_02The MidrashBeShalach”: Why didn’t the Jews continue their journey? Why did they camp in Pithom even though this decision involved additional risk for them? The answer lies in the fact that they were stuck because there was a sea in front of them; nor could they run to the desert, since wild beasts were waiting for them there.

But the people of Egypt did not agree with the Pharaoh’s plan: Recent losses were still too fresh in their memory. Therefore, Pharaoh used every means of persuasion and various tricks to force the Egyptians to agree. “Know! he told them. Even though according to the royal tradition in order to protect myself I should be riding in the rear of my army, in this battle I’ll be at the head!”

“Why are you going to behave so unusually?” they asked the Pharaoh. “Because this war is not against the Jews, said the Pharaoh. It is against their very G-d! So I’ll be at the head of the battle!”

This extract is about a very serious degree of detachment in those who are engaged in the Torah religiously, but study it for their own sake, i.e., for the sake of the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh is not against the Creator since both of them help identify each other. This explains why the Pharaoh says: “Blessed is the Creator! I am a sinner…” There are many interesting developmental stages that oppose this state, but the major thing for Pharaoh is preventing a human being from engaging in altruistic actions and detaching from selfish fulfillment.

Regular egoistic inducements that are originally built in us do not count since they are given to us by nature. They are not considered “Egypt.” Only the actions that one does for one’s own sake and that are mentioned in the Torah, in the Pentateuch, are considered to be of importance.

This explains why, when exiting Egypt (rising from one’s egoistic intention), actions are annulled and Egyptians die as a result of the ten Egyptian plagues. The desires and people who follow the instructions of the Torah for their own sake remain under the power of the Pharaoh because they aspire to this kind of power. They are seriously engaged in the Torah and all earthly commandments for the sake of their own fulfillment and hold on to them very strongly. They are the ones who stay in Egypt and chase those who really want to run away from it.

The Pharaoh says: “I’ll be at the head of my army,” i.e., this is the moment when their oppositeness manifests itself: either for one’s own sake (Lo Lishma) or for the sake of the Creator (Lishma). “For one’s own sake” means for Pharaoh, “for the sake of the Creator” signifies those who exit from Egypt. At this point, a struggle between them begins.

Usually, Pharaoh follows his army. It means that all egoistic actions “feed and nourish him.” When his confrontation with the Creator starts, he heads the army since the most important thing at this time is ideology: whether you do it for your own sake or you do it being completely detached from yourself, i.e., for the sake of the Creator. That’s why the Pharaoh considers it a sacred war that is directed “against their very G-d!”

Right after that, Egypt starts withering since Pharaoh nourishes himself from the source other than Egyptians, from those who aspire to being with the Creator but so far are not there yet. This is why anti-Semitism emerges; however, this kind of “fuel” is absolutely essential.

Pharaoh gets stronger with the help of the desires that “are afraid of the Creator but work for the Pharaoh,” i.e., that follow everything that is commanded, however, they are doing so for their own sake. When they tend to change the intention and start working for the sake of the Creator, Pharaoh immediately feels that this might be his end and starts a war with their G-d.

At this point, our egoism faces a huge problem: What if the Creator wins? The mere fact that there are people who exited Egypt and then returned irritates Pharaoh since our egoism is afraid that the intention for the sake of bestowal might win. Egoism doesn’t have any other way but to reveal itself and try to survive, otherwise Pharaoh stops being the Pharaoh. It won’t be an intention for “one’s own sake” any longer.

Comment: They return and frustrate the Pharaoh.

Answer: They don’t return to Egypt, though! It’s a different level even though they have already reached the cities of Pithom and Ramses that were built for Pharaoh. At some point, they worked “for his sake”; however, now they return to the same level, but with an intention “for the sake of the Creator.” This is why the Pharaoh (our egoism) is not able to accept the fact that people return liberated and attack the Pharaoh’s “jurisdiction,” i.e., their own egoism.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.21.15

Writings of Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 4

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Histaklut Pnimit,” Vol. 1, Part 1, Chapter 4, Item 19 

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