The Oral Torah Is A Key To Penetrating Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation for Reading

In this world, we have to prepare ourselves to read books. If it is an English novel, we should know English; if it is an architectural reference book, we have to possess at least some knowledge in this field, and if it is a report of a chemical experiment, we should know something about chemistry, etc.

We always need a certain elementary basis that is transmitted from generation to generation.

In spiritual attainment, the written Torah is accompanied by the oral Torah. The name “Torah” is derived from the word “OhrLight.” Thus, the written version of the book must be preceded by a preparation period, which is  the oral Torah.

The oral Torah accompanies the written book and is transferred from one generation to another by word of mouth, from a Kabbalist to another Kabbalist. It is conveyed through a chain of people who are capable of understanding the book.

If we really strive to learn what it talks about and aspire to reveal the world and understand the One who plays the movie of our lives, if we are willing to change in order to become similar to Him, to penetrate into the essence of images that are demonstrated to us, then we have to find people who know the oral Torah.

Performance with a Surprise

Question: What does it mean “to be similar to the force that plays the movie?”

Answer: It is about similarity of properties.

Let’s say, I am not familiar with the theater. I attend a performance and am totally unable to immediately comprehend what it is about. Then, somebody whispers in my ear that the author of the play is a very special man with a unique biography, and that the characters of the play are based on live people, who in fact, experienced the events described in the play.

I didn’t know anything about these facts. I was not prepared. Now, I know the story, the background, and if I penetrate a little deeper into it, I will develop new properties and sensations. Thus, I start sympathizing with the main characters as if I am in their shoes and even go through their states. I acquire the same qualities, and that’s why I regard the performance from a totally different angle.

Otherwise, we have no ability to understand the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/04/15

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