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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe First Encounter with the Creator

Question: When talking about the identity of the people of Israel, about its unique specificity, it is impossible to ignore the Tanakh. Its legacy is at the heart of the people and largely determines our essence. The importance of this heritage is clear to almost everyone, but the reasons, the mechanisms of this phenomenon, are unclear, which generates many opinions and concepts.

The Tanakh writes about the exclusivity of the Jewish people. The book “Exodus,” 19:3 – 19:6, tells about the events at Mount Sinai, and cites the Creator’s words addressed to Moshe: So shall you say to the house of Jacob and tell the sons of Israel, “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and [how] I bore you on eagles’ wings, and I brought you to Me.

And now, if you obey Me and keep My covenant, you shall be to Me a treasure out of all peoples, for Mine is the entire earth.  And you shall be to Me a kingdom of princes and a holy nation.” These are the words that you shall speak to the children of Israel.

The idea that the Creator chose the people of Israel was originally based on this verse.

Is this true? Can we consider the Tanakh as real evidence? Or is it just an historical narrative? And maybe it is a legal code, which singled us out from other peoples?

Answer: It all began with Abraham who revealed the upper force, nature, the source and its program of development and purpose. Most importantly, he saw the role of people living in the world and their place in the overall action. In particular, this applies to those people who consciously join the process to realize it and thus reveal the Creator.

In this way, the essence of what is happening, the meaning of God and the purpose of creation, which explains why we exist and what we become in the end—all this was revealed by Abraham, and this is what he taught to those who joined him.

However, his revelation was only the beginning. As the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob represent the initial stage, the first three Sefirot (GAR), the beginning of development, and the beginning of humanity’s acquaintance with the Creator. This encounter occurred in the group that Abraham created in Babylon and which left it for the land of Canaan.

The Protracted Session

Then there was the Egyptian exile, exiting Egypt to come to Mount Sinai and the Sinai desert, where for forty years, we studied spirituality, the upper force, understanding who and what controls us, for what purpose creation exists, what ultimately we had to do, what we had to become, what what we had to achieve, etc.

All this is really described in the Tanakh. The only question is who is able to understand its words? After all, this book was written by people who possessed spiritual attainment and saw the program that operates beyond the picture of our world.

In the same way, while watching TV, we understand that its picture is created by special tools, showing us information that comes from the external source, from a server or, let’s say, a video camera filming a live soccer match. It is clear that the action takes place on the screen, which just projects an image for us.

Similar phenomena are discovered by a person who begins to reveal the true pictures of this world. It turns out that behind it, there is the idea of creation and the upper force, which projects this picture within us. It does not need a screen to display this picture; rather, it shows its own movie from inside, but it seems to us that this happens outside. In this way, the picture of the external world, the universe, appears before us and we seemingly are in this huge cinema.

The upper force shows us its session in order to raise and develop us in a special way by which we will reveal it. Being together in this movie, we react to and participate in it. Thus we are pushed, compelled, and urged to discover why and for what this is happening. We learn from our actions and see a lot of causal factors and facets in the plot, but forget that the upper force shows it to us.

Thus, the connection with the original root is lost, and the movie becomes a reality. Joy, fear, and other internal responses take us away from the proper understanding of what is happening.

Not Just Spectators

We have been in this state for a long time. Having discovered this, Abraham used his fame and brought people from all over Babylon, outlined and explained to them, and taught them how to participate in the movie correctly.

The bottom line is that in every moment, we should try to reveal the intentions of the projectionist. And His intentions are crystal clear! He wants to raise us so that we understand His purpose and desire, understand the process that lies before us, and agree with Him that in the end our whole being is designed to become adhered to Him. This identification with the Creator is possible only on the condition that we become like Him. And this can be learned from watching his movie.

Abraham taught that to the Babylonians who followed him, and over the years they revealed to themselves, not only the world that he described, but also the course of development.

They tried to be included in the movie, in the unfolding action. Before them, they saw the still, vegetative, and animate natures and people who were friends from the group of Abraham, which later became the nation of Israel. They also saw distant people from other tribes and nations. And everyone tried to be part of the picture, as if it really were a movie, projected by the upper force.

In this way, every one of them related to what was happening outside and within himself. After all and in every instance, internal events make us look differently at what we see outside.

According to the explanations of Abraham, his followers wanted to develop the attitude that the Creator expected from them inn themselves. Abraham taught them how to relate to everything correctly, with the same thought, the same intention, that the projectionist, the upper force, had.

The Language of the Creator

They began to understand that this is the language of the upper force. The whole of nature is the language of the Creator that the Creator uses to communicate with human beings.

As a result, they began to reveal the separate elements that  compose nature, and to understand how the Creator creates it to affect us. They found that the world is created by good and bad forces, the light and darkness. Abraham explained this to them, and they revealed that within themselves. It turned out that the light and darkness are a good or a bad attitude.

Hence it became clear that the good force of bestowal, entirely related to the Creator, has 22 forms, called letters, and five additional forms. The followers of Abraham studied these forms and began to apply them. Moreover, the Aramaic language that was used in Babylon in speaking and writing was similar to this one, so in essence, this was their natural root, and they switched from Aramaic to Hebrew.

The Aramaic letters were also very much like Hebrew, only now they understood their true, correct form, the shape of vessels and desires, as well as the rules of grammar and the laws of bestowal, which were sequential, adjacent, etc. Abraham’s disciples revealed the precise laws of bestowal from the top down and from the bottom up, and thus this language was given to them.

In general, it is about revelation. People learned from the picture the upper force presented and understood how, what for, and why the upper force showed it to them. In other words, they learned the language of the Creator, finding internal meaning and the purpose of its influence in everything.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/4/15

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