A Secret Covenant With The Higher Power, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How did the nation of Israel arise, where is it going, and what potential, which has not been realized, is inherent in it? If we understand this, then we might reach a completely different state, instead of experiencing all of today’s problems.

To understand this, we need to return to the events of more than two thousand years ago at the time when the Jewish people were in the land of Israel and hadn’t gone into exile yet. Many associate something mystical with theses people and believe that they have a secret connection with the upper force, a union. What is it really about?

Answer: We are talking about a group of people who united according to their desire to understand the essence and meaning of life: What are we living for and who governs us? That is, they were concerned with the questions of the very essence of life. That is why they united around Abraham who was the sage that lived at that time in ancient Babylon and began to teach them how to answer these questions.

In material terms, life in ancient Babylon was quite comfortable because a person lacked nothing on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. That is, the body felt well and pleasant. The only problem was in the Tower of Babel, which rose to the heavens. It was necessary to find out what they lived for and why, where the source of life was, and who managed it. That is, they wanted to know their Creator.

Abraham taught them that it was possible to do this. After all, their life fell apart for this purpose. People became estranged, distanced from each other, and no longer understood each other. But those who felt the urgent need to solve the mystery of life joined Abraham. He was a famous Babylonian sage and came from a prominent family. His father Terah was a Babylonian high priest.

Abraham taught them how to understand the force that controls nature: the force of love and bestowal. This force is opposite to the egoistic force of the still nature, of plants, animals, and people of this world, and therefore it created us in the opposite form, which is reception and hatred. This is what was manifested in them in Babylon in order to oblige them to reveal something contrary, the opposite force.

Abraham taught how it was possible to correct oneself and obtain this force in addition to that which we already possess by nature. This force does not exist in our world because our world is entirely sustained by reception and hatred. That is why, in order to acquire this opposite force of love and bestowal, we need a complete science.

The force of love is the upper force. How can we bring it closer, want it so that it is revealed to us, begin to live within it, and how can we start using this force?

If it is a force hidden in nature, then maybe we will be able to catch it through question about the meaning of our life, about what controls it. Through these questions, which in essence, any person asks, but does not delve into, we can begin to become acquainted with the upper force.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/25/14

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