Progress Is Senseless And Merciless

 Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Expert): “By the 60th year of the 20th century, Western society had achieved a high level of consumption, and people understood that money was not the main measure of happiness.

“Thus the concept of multidimensional quality of life was born, which in addition to income, is determined by security, access to knowledge, the development of medicine, life expectancy, environmental conditions, etc.

“But how could these different figures be brought together? Scientists have proposed to move from objective to subjective indicators, as measured by public opinion polls. But they depend on the measurement of one’s state regarding the state of his neighbor, and it turns out that those who do not live close to the rich are happier.

“From the subjective point of view, people’s quality of life in the last millennium has not grown, but fell because of the differentiation of the population according to the level of consumption in ancient Egypt or in medieval France, which was lower than it is now.

“That is, from a subjective point of view, there is no progress. Moreover, the spread of innovations causes inequality in terms of consumption, dissatisfaction and conflict.

“Progress, instead of improving the quality of life, reduces it due to the increasing inequality, and stagnation, and on the contrary, stabilizes society. Development is a meaningless process, similar to a dog chasing its own tail, that produces nothing other than envy and suffering.”

My Comment: We cannot stop progress. Its role is to lead us to the reflection on the meaninglessness of our existence so that having asked questions about the meaning of life, we move forward to reveal the Creator.

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