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It’s Time To Roll The Stone From The Well’s Mouth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Genesis,” 29:7- 29:8: And he said, “The day is yet long; it is not the time to take in the livestock. Water the sheep and go, pasture.”

And they said, “We cannot do that, until all the flocks are gathered together, and they will roll the rock off the mouth of the well, and we shall then water the sheep.” 

There are better times and there are less pleasant times in the history of humanity. Therefore the time that “all the flocks are gathered together” hasn’t come yet.

There were times in the history of humanity and the Jewish nation when we were very close to attaining the goal. There were several breakthroughs in the time of ancient Babylon, during the exodus from Egypt, and during the days of King David’s wars, until we finally have reached our time, which is exactly the time that “all the flocks are gathered together.” We have to reach connection because this is the only way we can influence the upper force and begin to change our reality.

The problem is in convincing ourselves and others and in actually realizing and feeling that fulfillment is only through connection. There is nothing but that. We reach a form that resembles the Surrounding Light only to the extent that we connect, and only then can we influence it, work with it, and direct it.

We begin to perform independent actions because we awaken the Upper Light and oblige it to operate in a special way. It is because we discover the need to unite in our connection and thus convey a perfect, ripe deficiency for the Light. Then the Light performs the last action and connects us.

We must convince ourselves that at this point our goal is to gather all the flocks together and to connect the people in the world in whom the desire to fulfill the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah has ripened. This is the reason we were given the wisdom of Kabbalah, since we will discover everything else along the way when the Upper Light begins to operate in the connection among us. Then we will realize what the Light is, how it operates, discover its effect on us, and begin to ascend the spiritual ladder.

All of humanity has to go through this path but in an easier manner. Israel has to go through it first and then the whole world. People should understand that there is nothing but the connection between us that awakens the Light that Reforms to change humanity. To the extent that humanity changes, it will begin to discover a new world through its new senses that were corrected by the Light that Reforms.

It is because the reality that we feel is totally dependent on our perception. If our desires are egoistic and separated, we feel a shattered world in that shattered vessel, just as we see the world as it appears now. It is not surprising that the situation is growing worse to hasten us to reach connection.

To the extent that we begin to work in correcting our senses, we will feel a new reality. Just as we feel the shattering now in our corrupt vessels, we will feel a perfect world in our corrected desires that are governed by one force, by the Light that operates in our desires, connects, corrects, and fills them.

Therefore, everyone speaks about connection and mutual guarantee these days. It is because it is the only action we have to perform from now until the end of correction, and it must be performed by both the nation of Israel and the nations of the world. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will reveal the Light to humanity and thus fulfill the goal of creation.

It all depends only on the connection between us. We consistently and persistently have to work on this and constantly convince ourselves that this is our only goal. No matter how much a person knows, it has nothing to do with the true reality. The only truth is his yearning to connection and bringing others closer to connection.

“Every man shall help his friend!” We have to explain to everyone the importance of this action and that our future depends on it. Many years go by until a person begins to understand that his ego is doing everything to deceive him and divert his attention from this, as if it is a trivial matter.

Therefore a person listens, but doesn’t hear; so  one rejects and forgets this idea time and time again. But the time comes when we all have to start acting and telling ourselves and the Upper Light that we must reach connection no matter what. Then the passage for the revelation of the soul will open.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/08/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Formula For Good

Question: What is this force of reception and force of bestowal? Do these forces bear different energies?

Answer: These are different energies and one cannot exist without the other. They always exist together one against the other. But on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, they automatically exist in a balanced state from the beginning of and all through the program of nature.

And on the human level, we must understand this program and balance these forces ourselves. From this we learn the program of nature and attain and understand the nature of what is higher. For this purpose these two forces were given to us so that we would learn about them and rise to the level of Adam, the one who resembles the higher power.

Question: What is the formula for balance?

Answer: The formula for balance is harmony between all parts of reality: the still, vegetative, animate, and especially within human society. Harmony indicates that I am connected with everyone, all are interconnected and connected with me. We are like brothers. We don’t feel that someone is higher than anyone else, closer or further away. Rather, all are like one person with one heart.

We must attain such a level. Then we will live in balance between the two forces of reception and bestowal and live a truly good life. And then we will say that only one force exists in the world, the force of goodness, in the middle and in balance!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/3/14

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The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the world today, we feel a very negative attitude toward Jews, but it is not related to anti-Semitism, nor to the hatred that appears naturally in the other nations toward the Jews. Rather it is related to politics, the fight between Arabs and Jews, and to anti-Zionism. These seem like understandable reasons.

Answer: A Jew born and raised in Israel can’t understand what anti-Semitism is.

Question: In America there are even Jews that act against Jews and repeat the accusations of the anti-Semites.

Answer: It has always existed and especially today. The survival instinct obliges them to act like that and to distance themselves from the sufferings by identifying with the anti-Semites. It has always happened to the nation of Israel.

It’s also because in our spiritual work, there is a constant struggle when we try to enforce the force of bestowal and love over the force of receiving and hate. This struggle exists inside every Jew in order to elevate to the top, where only one force rules, the force of love and unity.

But in order to reach this top, we constantly need to fight. Therefore, inside man, the forces of rejection, hatred, and egoism constantly grow more and more. And each time, he must cover the increased ego with love and connection.

Therefore, a Jew always feels that his ego grows. He is searching for all kinds of inventions that allows using this ego in a more comfortable way. He feels that he is closer to the nations of the world and is willing to adhere to them and blame Israel and other Jews, and so he becomes anti-Semitic.

Examples like this are known from the Middle Ages, from the period of the inquisition. The chief inquisitor in Spain was a Jew. And there are many like this throughout history. Even Hitler had Jewish advisors. He tolerated them because he needed them.

That’s how it was and will be, but I don’t want to go too deeply into it. Our mission is to investigate the root of anti-Semitism because it does not change. It is eternal and will remain so until final correction of the whole of Creation.

Therefore, I don’t wonder about those Jews that identify with the nations of the world and their hatred toward Jews. In addition, if we investigate those that are the organizers of terrorist organizations, we will be surprised to find many Jews.

If you examine the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, who form the basis of the terrorist Taliban, it turns out that they are Jews and part of the lost ten tribes. To this day, they keep Shabbat, light the candles, and at the same time, hate Israel. Throughout history, in the absence of proper care, their customs have become distorted, but they are still Jews.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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Go Beyond The Limits Of Time

laitman_537The Midrash “BeShalach”: Moses was such an outstanding leader that he could control hundreds of thousands of people by just a few words. He convinced them and promised them: “The Creator will perform miracles for you and you will be silent.”

But at the same time the fear did not cease. The people wanted to know, “When will the Creator save us?” and Moses answered, “Today.” The Jews exclaimed, “We cannot wait any longer!”

The people cannot wait any longer because they cannot leave the frameworks of time. People find it hard to understand that the point isn’t time and that if you connect to the uUpper force at a certain moment, the concept of time disappears.

Waiting symbolizes the feeling of time and the feeling of a deficiency of what you lack until the end of correction. But when you attain correction, time disappears and you enter a level that is above the speed of light, a different dimension. Therefore, the expression “we have no time” only indicates that the people are not adhered to the Creator yet.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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