The Force Of Good And The Force Of Evil, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Formula For Good

Question: What is this force of reception and force of bestowal? Do these forces bear different energies?

Answer: These are different energies and one cannot exist without the other. They always exist together one against the other. But on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, they automatically exist in a balanced state from the beginning of and all through the program of nature.

And on the human level, we must understand this program and balance these forces ourselves. From this we learn the program of nature and attain and understand the nature of what is higher. For this purpose these two forces were given to us so that we would learn about them and rise to the level of Adam, the one who resembles the higher power.

Question: What is the formula for balance?

Answer: The formula for balance is harmony between all parts of reality: the still, vegetative, animate, and especially within human society. Harmony indicates that I am connected with everyone, all are interconnected and connected with me. We are like brothers. We don’t feel that someone is higher than anyone else, closer or further away. Rather, all are like one person with one heart.

We must attain such a level. Then we will live in balance between the two forces of reception and bestowal and live a truly good life. And then we will say that only one force exists in the world, the force of goodness, in the middle and in balance!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/3/14

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