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A Night’s Sleep Is The Continuation Of The Day’s Activities

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does nature develop us with the help of dreams?

Answer: A vigorous, energetic state is called a day. When we are asleep, we exit from our prior state and connect with the next, active one. A dream is a small state (VaK – Vav Ktzavot), through which our prior, awakened state connects with the next active state.

It is similar to the neutral gear of a car transmission that is used in between the gears when we switch from first gear to second and then third gear. They are separated by a neutral gear, this is the dream at night.

If not for the neutral gear, we would not be able to switch from the first, to the second, and then to the third state. We cannot ascend to other states without sleep.

This explains why sleep is so important and why it takes so much time: 8 hours! When we are still in our egoistic nature, i.e., if our natural intentions are oriented towards our own sake, we just have to follow the demands of our physical needs. RAMBAM writes that a regular person must have enough sleep.

While we live in this material world, we must behave normally, and a night’s rest is a simple, physiological process that helps make this possible. If a person has already attained a spiritual level and acts for the sake of bestowal, then why does he need a night’s rest?  What does it mean to us?

Dreams may be consequences of the events that we experience during the day. Our aspiration to attain higher spiritual states during the day allows us to make a spiritual ascent while we sleep, or to at least make relevant clarifications.

The wisdom of Kabbalah refers to the night’s sleep as a continuation of the day, a continued vigorous state. Sleep is physiologically essential, both for those who live only within the boundaries of this world and those who dwell in the upper world, at a spiritual level.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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The Magic Of Egoism And Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanHeaven and Hell

Question: You are saying that witchcraft is a psychological phenomenon. How does it reflect on those who don’t even suspect that they are the targets?

Answer: This is the way by which our desires are directed towards others. All our desires comprise a pool of forces that impact everyone around us. Our attitude to the world in general and to the surroundings we live in contribute our personal energies to the overall system.

Question: So, witchcraft is a desire of a person oriented to somebody else’s benefit or detriment?

Answer: Desires matter, but why do you call them witchcraft? Each one of us acts within a general network of powers that exists among us. It is an extremely complicated system. We are a source of a whole complex of uncorrected, evil forces that are called ego. We have to correct these powers and transition them from wickedness to benevolence, or in other words, be good to our neighbors.

It means that from the will to receive, which is taking as much as possible from others, we have to end up bestowing to everyone. Accordingly, the key principle, the universal rule of the wisdom of Kabbalah, states, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This principle replenishes the general network with positive energy. Everything we generate has to bring benevolence to others. This is how a positive network is created.

When building such a network, we enter the world comprised of complete benevolence, meaning we enter the Garden of Eden. Thus, heaven is a state in which everybody thinks only about the others’ well being.

At the same time, hell is mutual hatred, a state in which we all suffer.

How to Defend Against Negativism?

Question: If someone impacts us wickedly through the general network, can we somehow defend ourselves?

Answer: Yes. For that, we have to involve positive powers.

Question: Whom should we direct them towards?

Answer: To everyone. Even if I have no idea who exactly sends me a negative impact, it doesn’t really matter. My positive and kind attitude to others turns into a shield through which negativity cannot penetrate.

The mechanism is very simple. I can be hurt only if I am in my egoistic desires and if I care only about myself. If I bestow, contribute, give, share, and love others, nobody can hurt me. I am invincible because I exist within others.

It is very strong psychological armor. Thanks to it, no matter how much others want to hurt me, they won’t succeed.

Moreover, by acting in this way, I neutralize all my offenders since we exist in a unified, common system. This explains why by contributing our sincere attitude to other human beings and a desire to bring benevolence to everyone, we enhance positive energy in the general network. Positivism is capable of destroying all negativism directed against us. Then, not only will nobody be able to hurt us, but nobody will even make an attempt to do so.

This is how the system works. The Torah, particularly the wisdom of Kabbalah, explains these issues to us in detail. We see that when one is a source of benevolence to others, the evil forces are unable to hurt that one.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15  

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Birth Into A New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Midrash Mispar, Parashat HaShavua, “Beshalach”: The Creator said, “I know that the dispute between Judah and Benjamin was for the sake of My honor, therefore I will bless both of them.”  

Benjamin received his blessing in that the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) was built in his inheritance, and Judah began to possess the honor of the kingship.

Judah and Benjamin are two characteristics, two opposing forces, who shared in the birth of the people.

The layout, or general outline, of Egypt is reminiscent of the form of the uterus with a birth canal and the straits where the Israelis crossed the Red Sea. The forces that were sent after them by Pharaoh and which drove them forward symbolize the contractions in the uterus that push the fetus out.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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The Unemployed Generation Of Europe

laitman_926_02In the News (from Today’s Zaman): “Youth unemployment is a particularly serious concern, even in countries with otherwise positive employment statistics; in countries with worse labor-market conditions, it represents a potential source of social and political instability. Participation in the workforce is linked not only to income levels, but also to self-esteem, social inclusion, and social status….

“In Spain and Cyprus, more than 90 percent of people in temporary positions cannot find permanent employment. … Moreover, though Sweden has one of the EU’s highest employment rates, it has failed to tackle its longstanding problem of youth unemployment, which currently stands at 23 percent. In Spain and Greece, youth unemployment is above 50 percent, and the situation is not much better in crisis-hit Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, and Croatia.

“In the EU as a whole, youth unemployment stood at a dispiriting 21.9 percent in November. According to one study, this costs the EU 150 billion euros ($183 billion) per year in lost wages and spending, in addition to the hardship suffered by the many young people who are unable to find work.”

My Comment: There will be no work, but the employment of the unemployed depends on governments. Employment and work are not the same thing. People need to be occupied or they will run wild. Jews invented lessons for themselves during any free time: studying, education.

All the unemployed should be sent to the “School of Life” for the whole day, to turn them into an educated mass that would become responsible for the education of the younger generation, students, who generally will become the tutors of a new society.

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