The Unemployed Generation Of Europe

laitman_926_02In the News (from Today’s Zaman): “Youth unemployment is a particularly serious concern, even in countries with otherwise positive employment statistics; in countries with worse labor-market conditions, it represents a potential source of social and political instability. Participation in the workforce is linked not only to income levels, but also to self-esteem, social inclusion, and social status….

“In Spain and Cyprus, more than 90 percent of people in temporary positions cannot find permanent employment. … Moreover, though Sweden has one of the EU’s highest employment rates, it has failed to tackle its longstanding problem of youth unemployment, which currently stands at 23 percent. In Spain and Greece, youth unemployment is above 50 percent, and the situation is not much better in crisis-hit Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, and Croatia.

“In the EU as a whole, youth unemployment stood at a dispiriting 21.9 percent in November. According to one study, this costs the EU 150 billion euros ($183 billion) per year in lost wages and spending, in addition to the hardship suffered by the many young people who are unable to find work.”

My Comment: There will be no work, but the employment of the unemployed depends on governments. Employment and work are not the same thing. People need to be occupied or they will run wild. Jews invented lessons for themselves during any free time: studying, education.

All the unemployed should be sent to the “School of Life” for the whole day, to turn them into an educated mass that would become responsible for the education of the younger generation, students, who generally will become the tutors of a new society.

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One Comment

  1. Now in my homeland there is 350000 unemployment individuals. Nobody can solve this problems easily. You are right when you said that those people should to start education. There is still unemployment people and we have not money to study and buy books or other else tools as computers. How we can solve these problems?
    In this Group of people there is also Highly Educated persons too so the problem seems to be both gvantitative and gvalitative. I am thinking that nothing what is happening in this world just now, is not actually coming. There must be practical Peaceful way to solve all kinds of problems via The Greator.
    My answer is What is the Law of the Nature in this Crisis? Thanks for the answers and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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