The Nonexistent Movie Of Our Reality

ourA person lives in his own reality and suddenly begins to understand that this entire reality simply unfolds in front of him and that he has absolutely no freedom of choice. It is as if he sits in a theater and watches a movie that shows him sitting in a theater, watching a movie, and so on into infinity.

Where then is true reality? With this question, the internal search begins. This search brings one to the point where he starts to see that there is nothing external to him: everything happens inside of him. As long as he has a body and emotions, he receives some internal picture which he perceives as his reality.

Rabash describes this in the story of the coachman. The coachman had a house, a wife, children, a horse and a carriage and was very happy with his life. All of a sudden, he loses everything: his family, his wife, children, and even the horse died. In the end, grief-stricken, he also dies.

He arrives in Paradise and because of all his suffering, it is decided that he will be granted a gift. He receives that which he most desires: the sensation that he has a house, a wife, children, a carriage and several horses! So he imagines that he is riding in his carriage led by strong horses, is successful with work; all in all, he is enjoying life!

Maybe we also are in such a state? How can we determine this? How can we exit ourselves and see what is really happening? It could be that we are sleep-walking. Or perhaps we are being controlled by aliens who placed us in formaldehyde and are showing us a movie, while in reality we exist in glass bottles and have been sleeping for millions of years. And this we consider to be our world…?

But there is a method which allows us to rise above this entire reality and see it from the perspective of the Upper Force, the Creator. It’s like fish that suddenly start to wonder: “Who changes the aquarium water?”

And thus begins a different path that leads a person toward his Creator. This happens when one attains this system and by using it, ascends toward Him.

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  1. Enormous feeling to feel that even just a little!!!

  2. If I understand you Rav, then even as I type this message, I’m in the dream, as are the other people who will read this post. Or, is it that there are no others, just me, and I’m therefor writing this to myself?

    I find the study of the perception of reality to have changed my day to day life in that, as I do various things through the day, I remind myself what the Kabbalists say about what I’m experiencing. Then I look around for clues that will suggest that it is a kind of dream.

    I have to say though, for a dream, day to day life can be a pretty dull one. I guess I’m fortunate for that.

  3. I am in such harmony with this. Our “reality” is a created existence, (not unlike the aquarium mentioned in the article), for the puropse of housing our physical forms. The spiritual entity we refer to as God is truly “real” and exists on a different plane. It is only when we attempt to align our spirt with the greater sprit and lessen our interaction with the physical world that we attain any sense of peace.

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