Perceiving The World From Beginning To End

the2520spiritual2520goal2520is2520the2520same2520for2A question I received: When people hear that I study Kabbalah, they ask: “what’s in it for you?” I respond that I attain the meaning of life, feel its taste. “What is the meaning of life?” they ask, wishing to hear a brief answer. How should I respond?

My Answer: Because I study Kabbalah, the world becomes transparent for me. Through it, I see the controlling forces, the system that operates our world. Because of this, I perceive our world throughout, from its beginning to its very end.

I attain the meaning of my life and of life in general, and I see myself in it, from the root of my soul in the common bundle of all the souls, to the end goal, which I must attain. All of this occurs in an endless eternal process, the perception of which is thanks to the science of Kabbalah. It reveals Nature and the Creator to me, and I reveal, attain and control the Nature of all the worlds.

Tell people that they can learn how to use life in the best possible manner and obtain the highest benefit from every passing minute! This is the truth!

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Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Will To Receive

pleasureIn the News (from WWJ Newsradio):Study: Baby Facial Defects Unnerve Women”  Puzzling new research suggests women have a harder time than men looking at babies with facial birth defects…men put three times more effort into watching beautiful women as women put into watching handsome men…Both genders spent equal time and effort looking at photos of the normal babies… researcher Dr. Igor Elman noted that previous work has linked child abandonment and neglect to abnormal appearance, and even asked if the finding might challenge the concept of unconditional maternal love.

My Comment: Where is the all-encompassing and boundlessly merciful maternal love? Alas, everything is determined by hormones and genes. Men watch women because it brings them pleasure. Women find no pleasure in observing a male. The basic foundation of Nature is the desire to receive (pleasure). That’s what completely dictates our behavior.

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Today Is Actually “The Calm Before The Real Storm”

why20does20everyone20hate20israelIn the News (from Prlog Organization):The Great Depression Ahead: An Interview with Harry S. Dent” Author Harry S. Dent, Jr. having successfully predicted the crash of Fall 2008 years ago, was also the author of The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1992, when he stood virtually alone in forecasting the unanticipated boom of the 1990s. And now he is saying that the party is over…

Among the predictions being made here is that we are at the end of an historic boom cycle, and so while the economy may appear to recover from the subprime crisis and “minor recession” by mid to late 2009, (given Obama’s deficit spending to aid infrastructure and create jobs), it is actually “the calm before the real storm.”

My Comment: Any analysis that takes into account our interaction with Nature per se supports predictions of deeper crises, or even the end of days. There is the possibility, however, of avoiding the path of suffering by choosing the path of recognition of evil of our ego and its correction by an external force.

All our methods, after all, view change as something we can do on our own. But our own forces are egoistical and can’t alter our condition.

However, if we decide that the needed correction is possible only with the help of an external force, then Kabbalah can help us understand, how to activate it. Then the solution will come.

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Turning Concealment Into Revelation

what2520to2520ask2520for2520at2520the2520grave2520ofWe are in the world of Infinity even now. We act within this world, but the results of our actions are not revealed to us during the period of concealment. However, we are within the same connection between the souls, the same common Kli of Infinity.

Concealment is only in regards to us. While we are in this world, we are situated in the world of Infinity, but we only feel it through five worlds or layers of concealment. The world of Infinity, which we perceive within, is then called our world.

During the period of preparation for revelation, we work against concealment, which is called our world. We wish to achieve a connection, correction and revelation, but we are incapable. However, when our efforts reach their full extent, they turn into a plea.

A person demands the Light from above to come and correct him, which then reveals a state, where he had previously existed. It is as though someone turns on a light bulb, or lights a small candle in a huge room, and a person already sees the same state, the same world of Infinity. This is the world of Assiya.

Therefore, you act in the same world, with the same power and the same desires, but to the extent that you are able to work with them, more becomes revealed to you. You raise all the desires with yourself and continue working. Nothing that existed before disappears. You merely add a conquering force every time, and this is how you advance.

Revelation is a state, where the previous concealment no longer gets in your way. You are able to work within the same concealment, and this is called revelation. You receive such power that you can orient in the same concealment, despite the fact that it is there. However, you can work with  that heaviness, which means that you have risen above it. You then reveal an even greater heaviness, with which you can also reach a connection.

The higher up the steps you climb, the greater the concealment becomes. The only difference is that after the first step, which is called Machsom, you already know how to rise above this concealment and how to work with it and accept it. After all, it is forbidden to reject concealment, otherwise a short circuit failure between the Light and the desire would occur.

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Consequences Of Playing With The Financial Bubble

confirmIn the News (from The New York Times):Joblessness Hits 9.5%, Deflating Recovery Hopes” – The American economy lost 467,000 more jobs in June, and the unemployment rate edged up to 9.5 percent in a sobering indication that the longest recession since the 1930s had yet to release its hold. The numbers are indicative of a continued, very severe recession. There’s nothing in here to show that the economy and the market are pulling out of the grip of recession.
My Comment: No one in the world wants to hear a voice of common sense about the continuation of the crisis, about the necessity of changing of public relationships for its resolution and about a new phase in development of social relationships. It is because money flows through people whose wealth depends only on the development of financial bubbles. Thus, until the world reaches the point of collapse, they will not stop their game.

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