Perceiving The World From Beginning To End

the2520spiritual2520goal2520is2520the2520same2520for2A question I received: When people hear that I study Kabbalah, they ask: “what’s in it for you?” I respond that I attain the meaning of life, feel its taste. “What is the meaning of life?” they ask, wishing to hear a brief answer. How should I respond?

My Answer: Because I study Kabbalah, the world becomes transparent for me. Through it, I see the controlling forces, the system that operates our world. Because of this, I perceive our world throughout, from its beginning to its very end.

I attain the meaning of my life and of life in general, and I see myself in it, from the root of my soul in the common bundle of all the souls, to the end goal, which I must attain. All of this occurs in an endless eternal process, the perception of which is thanks to the science of Kabbalah. It reveals Nature and the Creator to me, and I reveal, attain and control the Nature of all the worlds.

Tell people that they can learn how to use life in the best possible manner and obtain the highest benefit from every passing minute! This is the truth!

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  1. I think this is a great legacy to leave for all of us that have been priviledged to know you thank you for all the teachings and shared thought. i will miss the great conversations and wisdom I pray for peace to be with you at this time and for the comfort in knowing you were loved Fawn

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