No Matter What – Never Stop

the2520intention2520of2520attaining2520the2520creator2A question I received: I was never a good socializer and not exactly a communicative person. Actually, being among large groups of live people is a big torture for me. I lose all desire to talk, I go berserk; I feel that I am deficient, etc.. You teach us: “Create your own environment”, I feel that will never be able to. But I can’t imagine living without Kabbalah studies and I continue to read books and study over the Internet on my own.

People that surround me don’t like me. I simply hate them, and I hate myself, too. In one of the forums they told me to mix more. But what can I do if I the word “mixing” makes me sick?

My Answer: It’s just wonderful! Continue anyway you can, and the Light will lead you to a new state, resolution and circumstances. Most importantly – no matter what, continue your studies.

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US And China Facing Showdown On Free Trade

distrustIn the News (fromThe Guardian):China and US head for trade war” With oil prices rising rapidly, western governments including Britain have become concerned that higher commodity costs could choke off the fragile economic recovery, and they suspect China of deliberately stockpiling materials – in contravention of WTO [World Trade Organization] rules on free trade …

The US, with Europe, announced that it would start formal “dispute resolution consultations” at the WTO in Geneva … Taking China to the WTO marks a sharp deterioration in relations between the world’s largest trading powers. Sources in Geneva said: “In terms of trade disputes, it doesn’t get bigger than this.”

My Comment: If they don’t come to an agreement, then the cannons will start speaking as they have done in the past.

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A Game Played By The Rules Of Connection And Collaboration

correctA question I received: Based on the gaming principle, what can you advise humanity to do in order to improve the systems of interconnections, which contain us all?

My Answer: Due to the crisis, nowadays everyone needs to participate in the game of giving to each other. You can call it treating each other well according to the rule of “don’t do unto others what you find hateful.”

Such is one of the stages of development: be considerate of other people, since we are all in one boat; unite with them in benevolent relationships, like with neighbors. I don’t hurt you, you don’t hurt me; I don’t lie to you, you don’t steal from me. We live this way, as kind neighbors. No one owes anyone anything – we just maintain mutuality, connection, and collaboration. This is benevolent friendship, the first stage.

Then an opportunity will emerge to develop this condition and to explain it on a broader scale. When people reach this state, they will get used to the thought that the solution to the crisis is in the connection among people. If a person knows that he can receive all the necessities of money, rest, health, and safety, through a common connection, he will wish to unite. After all, if he wishes to live, and he doesn’t want his family to be in need, he will be willing to unite.

The next stage will come when people will see all the positive results from the connection between them and they will begin to value it. A need to show them that the connection doesn’t just provide a positive corporeal life will then emerge. They will begin to feel that there is something greater to it, and they will discover the next stage, since every new step is developed from within the previous one.

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Taking Advantage Of Opportunities Presented To Us

godA question I received: Changes are taking place at the White House, a new President has come to power, and the pressure on Israel has increased. This can lead to the intensification of conflicting views in our nation. Maybe we should concentrate our thoughts on this particularly?

My Answer: Politics is unstable and nonlinear; the public’s expectations of political figures very rarely match politicians’ plans; instead, they are aimed at particular goals. It is a complicated matter, which we shouldn’t try to penetrate.

However, it is necessary to understand that, to the extent that the nation of Israel delays carrying out its mission, the pressure on it will increase. We must lead people to understand and feel the need for correction. They must agree to play their role in the spiritual development of all of humanity. The nation of Israel should understand and accept this duty and realize its fault for what is happening.

The pressure on us will grow in order to wake up the nation of Israel. This is precisely what has happened to us over the course of history – starting with the Egyptian pharaoh and on present time. Prophets wrote about this; they said that if we don’t come to realize what responsibility is placed on us, we will need to go through very difficult trials.

The pressure that we experience is nothing more than the states that we have not yet corrected, and although we need to, we have not taken advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to us. To the extent that the pressure increases, we can judge our uncorrected states. However, the states themselves are revealed only to the extent of a person’s development.

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