A Game Played By The Rules Of Connection And Collaboration

correctA question I received: Based on the gaming principle, what can you advise humanity to do in order to improve the systems of interconnections, which contain us all?

My Answer: Due to the crisis, nowadays everyone needs to participate in the game of giving to each other. You can call it treating each other well according to the rule of “don’t do unto others what you find hateful.”

Such is one of the stages of development: be considerate of other people, since we are all in one boat; unite with them in benevolent relationships, like with neighbors. I don’t hurt you, you don’t hurt me; I don’t lie to you, you don’t steal from me. We live this way, as kind neighbors. No one owes anyone anything – we just maintain mutuality, connection, and collaboration. This is benevolent friendship, the first stage.

Then an opportunity will emerge to develop this condition and to explain it on a broader scale. When people reach this state, they will get used to the thought that the solution to the crisis is in the connection among people. If a person knows that he can receive all the necessities of money, rest, health, and safety, through a common connection, he will wish to unite. After all, if he wishes to live, and he doesn’t want his family to be in need, he will be willing to unite.

The next stage will come when people will see all the positive results from the connection between them and they will begin to value it. A need to show them that the connection doesn’t just provide a positive corporeal life will then emerge. They will begin to feel that there is something greater to it, and they will discover the next stage, since every new step is developed from within the previous one.

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