The Realization That Suffering Is The Cleansing Force Of The Crisis

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_6618In the News (from The Financial News):Interview of Dmitry Medvedev American CNBC TV channel” Now, one problem arising at one place in one country, be that in America, Europe or Asia, is enough for the whole world community, for the whole global economy to catch fire. That is why, a very important conclusion that we should make and take as a basic one is that taking all kinds of domestic national economy decisions concerning inflation, issue of money and some other economic indicators, we are making a direct impact on other economies. This economic globalism is, maybe, the main lesson of the current crisis, which, at the same time, creates better conditions for development in the future, because we can create a much fairer financial and economic architecture.

My comment: See how suffering is helping us! It is well known that suffering cleanses. The correct interpretation of this is that suffering cleanses a person of egoism. This cleansing consists of two phases. Phase one is through the influence of Upper forces. The second phase is the realization that egoism is the cause of all evil followed by a conscious separation from it (from its use).

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A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromIn the News (from CNN Health):Pucker up: Scientists study kissing” – Now, scientists are investigating the biological factors underlying that ubiquitous expression of love. The science of kissing even has a name: philematology. Research on the subject was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. Research led by Wendy Hill, professor of neuroscience at Lafayette College, looked at how kissing affects the hormone oxytocin, sometimes called the “love hormone,” which is associated with social bonding, and cortisol, a measure of stress.

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, there are three kinds of connection between a soul and the Creator: a hug (His left arm is under me and the right one embraces me), a kiss (spirit) and a merger (on all levels). Therefore, a similar interaction exists between bodies in our world. It is studied in the Talmud Eser Sefirot on thousands of pages with scientific description of causes and effects. The book is available and open for everyone.

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How To Correct An Egoist

laitman_2009-03_79301A question I received: How can one evoke his feeling toward his neighbor as to his own children? How will those who do not aspire to the meaning of life correct themselves?

My Answer: The study of Kabbalah and the correct environment helps us understand the nature of the Upper State (World) and the unity of all parts of the world.  We are given an opportunity to try to implement it amongst ourselves in our group and to therefore come to the realization that this is not possible, even though we are bound to each other and depend on one another. Today people are gradually beginning to explicitly sense the net that connects us all.

The current crisis is here to show us our harmful interconnection and our inability to correct it, although we recognize that mutual egoism is the cause of all our troubles.

The sooner this knowledge reaches the masses through the media, the sooner the evil will be recognized, and the shorter will be our path of suffering.

Our feeling of helplessness, of our evil egoistic interconnection will unite our suffering and our desire to find a way out and a solution to the problem.

As soon as each person feels his dependence on others, he will become interested in their condition and will care about their well-being. At first, the feeling of a united family comes from an egoistic interest; however, as we join and come closer to each other, we will reach the proper condition in feeling our commonality.

Everyone will learn to take his neighbor into consideration and to treat him as a relative, egoistically sharing everything with him evenly, until we reach full equality in the world.

With this kind of distribution, people will have everything that they need, since Nature will provide for everyone.

By egoistically following the law of similarity to the Creator, people will start to reveal their bond with the spiritual root, just as an arm or a leg reveals its bond with the brain.

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Only The Correct Environment Can Help Us Rise Up Above This World


A question I received: Why is it so hard for us not to be immersed in that corporeal, imaginary world we live in, despite all the knowledge that we receive from the studies and the lessons? Sometimes I am frightened by realization that I have to drastically change my way for a path unknown to me. I believe in what you are saying and see the importance of the group. I just do not feel worthy of such responsibility. How do I overcome my feeling of total futility, come out of my state and join my friends in our great work?

My Answer: You will never be able to rise above this world on your own, if you are not helped by your environment – see Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom”.

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The Proper Professions For Carriers Of The ‘Warrior Gene’

aliens2520are2520a2520trick2520of2520the2520imaginatioIn the News (from Florida State University News):Florida State study links ‘warrior gene’ to gang membership, weapon use” Boys who carry a particular variation of the gene Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), sometimes called the “warrior gene,” are more likely not only to join gangs, but also to be among the most violent members and to use weapons, according to a new study from Florida State University that is the first to confirm an MAOA link specifically to gangs and guns. Findings apply only to males…

“Moreover, we found that variants of this gene could distinguish gang members who were markedly more likely to behave violently and use weapons from members who were less likely to do either.”

My Comment: So what reason do we have to sue the miserable carriers of this gene? Do we do this because we cannot judge Nature or the Creator? Kabbalah suggests using these predispositions for professions in the army and the police. Meanwhile, correction is possible only through the Upper Light, which created these predispositions.

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