Existing In The Sensation Of The Spiritual

goodA question I received: What will people feel when the Creator reveals Himself between them?

My Answer: Imagine being a day-old baby.  Your first sensation is that someone is taking care of you. It’s a similar feeling, as there is someone big that treats you with kindness, care, tenderness, and warmth. You are unable to understand Him, but you are completely in His power.  You know that it’s Him and no other that cares for you, and provides you with all the good things.

Gradually, the whole of humanity will begin to feel the caring and governing influence of the Upper force – the only one in the world. They will feel that they reside inside this single Force, desire, program.

We have only one critical point, of which King David wrote in Psalms.  He did not know why we are given it. This is the rift between what exists eternally (“yesh mi yesh“) and existence out of absence (“yesh mi eiyn“). From that vantage point a person can already be outside of himself and observe the Creator’s actions as well as his own. A person will then exist in the sensation of the spiritual and attain, within his heart and not his reason, that he is united with the entire system. He will feel his fellow men not as strangers, but truly as his close friends.

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The System Of Souls Allows The Flow Of Light Between Them

ventureThere is only one creation – the desire to fill oneself with the Creator – divided into billions of partial souls. With their corrected souls, Kabbalists of the past developed a system, by which we can receive the correcting Light. In order to receive it, we must:

  • Attempt to rise above our egoism through unity with others; and
  • Strive to receive the correcting Light through studying their books.

In the midst of seven billion souls there exist special souls, which create a connection among them; these are the souls of Kabbalists.  By existing within the overall system of souls, as if raisins in cereal, they create a connection among themselves, which allows for Light to flow between them.

By desiring to bond ourselves to these higher souls and by reading what they wrote, we aspire to become like them. As a result, their Light also influences us and without the desire for the bonding, the Light cannot be revealed in us. A simple physical law operates here: without the connection, you cannot receive.

But since this system already has such souls that have united with each other, anyone who desires to unite with them and possesses the external means to do so, meaning the books and the connection with a group,  are also utilizing that same Light, which exists between the special souls and which can also shine for others.

This is exactly how adults take care of children. In advance, they develop all the necessary conditions for them to operate in this world. The little one aspires toward the grown-ups and wants to join them, to learn from them; this is how he grows.

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There Is “Magic” In The Books Of Kabbalah

study-kabbalah-and-spritual-worries-will-outweigh-your-current-onesA question I received: Why do you liken a Kabbalah book to a magic book?

My Answer: We perceive ourselves as living in a body, in the world. There is an object before us that appears to us as a book. Inside of the book we see symbols that appear to us as letters, but we don’t know the essence of things and events.

A Kabbalah book is a magic book because if I meet certain conditions, I obtain a magic result, a miracle: revelation of the Upper World!

I was given a sort of device that I don’t comprehend and with which I am not familiar. My eyes, my mind and the book, together turn out to be a marvelous apparatus that has links leading directly to the Upper World and to a different reality.

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Can The World’s Problems Be Solved Without Kabbalah?

adviceA question I received: Is it possible to solve humanity’s problems without involving the science of Kabbalah, but merely through humanity’s realization of the need to unite and to create organizations like the European Union or a world government?

My Answer: Suppose we start convincing ourselves and others that we must unite as one man in one heart, so that everything is shared by everyone. Can we reach such a goal? We could not do any better than what was done in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

This is why the Kabbalists warn that in order for the world to change we must draw the correcting force. In other words, the correction of the world is only possible with the help of Kabbalah revealing the higher force to the world. With the help of this Upper Force, the world can come to the correct condition.

That is why it’s not worthwhile to wait for governments or G20 summits to find a solution. No one has a solution. As the world continues to develop, it will come to understand that it does not have the means for salvation. We will disseminate the science of Kabbalah while humanity, in the process of its development, pursuits and innumerable pretexts discovers that there is no solution and that the world is on the brink of destruction. It is precisely on the edge of this precipice that we, Kabbalists, will come together with the world.

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