Existing In The Sensation Of The Spiritual

goodA question I received: What will people feel when the Creator reveals Himself between them?

My Answer: Imagine being a day-old baby.  Your first sensation is that someone is taking care of you. It’s a similar feeling, as there is someone big that treats you with kindness, care, tenderness, and warmth. You are unable to understand Him, but you are completely in His power.  You know that it’s Him and no other that cares for you, and provides you with all the good things.

Gradually, the whole of humanity will begin to feel the caring and governing influence of the Upper force – the only one in the world. They will feel that they reside inside this single Force, desire, program.

We have only one critical point, of which King David wrote in Psalms.  He did not know why we are given it. This is the rift between what exists eternally (“yesh mi yesh“) and existence out of absence (“yesh mi eiyn“). From that vantage point a person can already be outside of himself and observe the Creator’s actions as well as his own. A person will then exist in the sensation of the spiritual and attain, within his heart and not his reason, that he is united with the entire system. He will feel his fellow men not as strangers, but truly as his close friends.

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