Our Advancement Is Dependent On Our Effort And Desire

how20do20you20fight20group20lazinessEvery process of growth and development on the vegetative and animate levels, each change, consists of two steps: the action itself and the outcome, which is predetermined and simply revealed to us.

A bullet hits a piece of glass, and the glass breaks. We think that the cause of this event is the firing of the gun, and the outcome is a broken glass. However, this is not so. Everything is planned ahead of time, the results of our actions already exist and they precisely bring into effect the causes, which we see.

When politicians all over the world scream, wave their arms around, and try to do something, this means that the events, which have existed in the spiritual for a long time, need to materialize in the physical world. This is why particular material objects are used.

Meanwhile, it seems to us that politicians actually determine these events. However, this is an illusion – a game, a puppet show of sorts. During the breaks, at which time the scenery changes, man is pushed to rise above all this and to realize the Upper governance, which has been producing the show for humanity throughout all its history.

We need to rise from one step to the next, until the complete correction.  All of these steps were  prepared for us long ago, since everything was determined from the moment that the world was created. All that’s left for us to do is make an effort. All that’s being asked of us is to try to reveal, to feel, and imagine our next state. To the extent that we wish to imagine our future state independently, we grow and advance toward it, like an infant who wishes to become fully grown. This is the difference between the animal and the human levels. With his desire and effort, a person draws his more advanced state closer.

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