Economists Are Not Ready To Work With Us On A New Economic Model

planA question I received: I have watched a few of your TV conferences with economists. First half of a discussion is always quite good, but after this I find myself waiting for you to start finally discussing a joint plan of mutual work.

I expect your proposal: “You work on the economy of the future society, and I work on grounding it ideologically. Let’s try to build a functioning model of future society.”

Why don’t you end your discussions with such a proposal?

My Answer: It’s because as soon as I state that I consider the main, necessary condition for improvement in the economy to be to educate people in order to change them, that all changes are secondary and a consequence of education, my guest will lose interest in me. It’s because what I say means that no economic measures will yield positive results, and that therefore, his part disappears from our work.

An economist has to come to understand that his work is to develop a new economic model of society: a dynamic economy constantly developing in response to the changes of a new (communistic) social consciousness (the economy of public relations). They are not prepared for this as yet.

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We Need To Receive Only What Is Necessary For Life

upper-worldA question I received: Let’s say that a blow befell me. I was fired from my job – I feel horrible. Should I still adhere to the Creator?

My Answer: This is precisely what is happening to the world today – the world is receiving blows, and there will be many such blows. All of this is necessary in order for man to reach a state where he will agree to reject his egoism.

By annulling his egoism, a person discovers that he needs to receive only a little bit from the Creator – that which is necessary for life.  This is similar to the cells and other parts of the body which exist for the sake of the whole body and hence feel its general existence. In much the same way, we feel the common eternal and perfect life of the infinite and unbounded Universe.

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Today And Tomorrow’s Lost Generation

laitman_2009-05-28_8354_wIn the News (from The Guardian):Young, jobless, broke: today’s lost generation” – A recent survey by Post Office financial services found that most 16- to 24-year-olds believe that it will take a decade for their living standards to return to pre-crisis levels. On the wider labour market survey measure, an alarming 18.3% of 16-to 25-year-olds are unemployed. David Blanchflower, the labour market expert, said, “The danger is that we have a lost generation.”

My Comment: This means that their children will be just like them.

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How The World Is Being Prepared For Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_2009-05-28_0059_wKabbalah is the method for revealing the Creator to a person (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”).

Regardless of the fact that the science of Kabbalah was hidden from humanity over the course of thousands of years, by manifesting itself through sciences and social relations in an opposite, egoistic form, it prepared humanity for perceiving it (Kabbalah) as a necessary method in order for everyone to achieve a perfect existence.

However, under the influence of his natural desires and his natural mind, a person must first realize the erroneous course of his independent development. Precisely by moving through the stages of technological, scientific, religious, and social development, and becoming disappointed with them, a person gains the ability to understand the Upper wisdom and mind (higher than those given to him naturally). Having gone through all the methods and realizing their limitations and inability to correct the world, a person comes to reject them and chooses Kabbalah as the only true method of his development.

The reason for such a path of development is related to how the Creator is concealed from a person in order to give him an opportunity to develop on his own and realize the truth. In the same manner that the Creator is concealed in our surroundings, Kabbalah, the method to reveal Him, is concealed in the sciences of our world.

Similar to the development of sciences that lead to the revelation of the science of Kabbalah hidden within them, human development in our world leads to the revelation of the Creator. A person reveals our world through science, and later, with the help of Kabbalah, he reveals the Creator.

Therefore, just as the Creator’s concealment is the cause of all our misfortunes and suffering, to the same extent the concealment of Kabbalah is the reason for all of our suffering.

The science of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Upper Light, the Light of Hochma which is revealed in the Light of Hassadim (the quality of bestowal) in the corrected egoistic desires. However, the penetration of a considerably weak emanation of Hochma directly into egoistic desires without first being clothed into the Light of Hassadim, gives rise to the sciences of our world.

Since the Light of Hochma that descends into our world (some revelation of the Creator in the sciences of our world, in egoistic desires), descends from revelation of the Creator in the Upper world (the clothing of the Light of Hochma in the Light of Hassadim), it is clear that all the discoveries of Nature that descend into our world are no more than a lesser revelation of the Creator in the science of Kabbalah in the Upper world.

In other words, a very insignificant portion of the truth descends to the sciences of our world from the science of Kabbalah, which is the Upper root of the corporeal sciences, in the same way that our whole world receives only the “Ner Dakik” (a spark of Light) of the Upper Light.

However, specifically from below upwards, meaning from the sciences of our world, can we come to the science of Kabbalah. This is the reason for the revival of all the sciences and, hence, the preparation of the world for revelation of the Creator.

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The Catch-22 Of Our Correction


A question I received: What is the difference between the attainment of mutual guarantee and the reception of the Torah?

My Answer: Mutual Guarantee is a state of oneness. The Torah (Kabbalah) is the means by which one can come to the quality of bestowal; it allows one to reach oneness because it reveals the Creator.

In accordance with the law of equivalence of form, if I reach the desire to “bestow”, the Creator is revealed to me within it. This is because the only quality of the Creator is bestowal and love. While my desire remains uncorrected in similarity with Him, I don’t have anything with which to discover and reveal Him. But without the revelation of the Creator I am not able to correct myself. It’s a catch-22:

  • Without having corrected myself, I cannot reveal the Creator
  • Without having revealed the Creator, I cannot correct myself!

This is why a method exists which allows one to attract a force which corrects ones desires from reception to bestowal. This method is called Kabbalah and it allows one to attract the Light that reforms while still remaining uncorrected and not having the same qualities as the Light.

This force is called the Surrounding Light. This is the Creator influencing us in a concealed manner. This is why it’s called the Surrounding Light, and not the explicit Direct Light.

From afar, the Surrounding Light can influence something that is removed and opposite to it (egoism) in accordance with a person’s yearning for correction.

The Creator is called  Bore. BO-RE means “come” and “see.”  When I unite with others in our common quality of bestowal, we develop the conditions for the revelation of the Creator. The entire method of correction (Kabbalah) consists of attracting the Surrounding (correcting) Light towards oneself.

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