Economists Are Not Ready To Work With Us On A New Economic Model

planA question I received: I have watched a few of your TV conferences with economists. First half of a discussion is always quite good, but after this I find myself waiting for you to start finally discussing a joint plan of mutual work.

I expect your proposal: “You work on the economy of the future society, and I work on grounding it ideologically. Let’s try to build a functioning model of future society.”

Why don’t you end your discussions with such a proposal?

My Answer: It’s because as soon as I state that I consider the main, necessary condition for improvement in the economy to be to educate people in order to change them, that all changes are secondary and a consequence of education, my guest will lose interest in me. It’s because what I say means that no economic measures will yield positive results, and that therefore, his part disappears from our work.

An economist has to come to understand that his work is to develop a new economic model of society: a dynamic economy constantly developing in response to the changes of a new (communistic) social consciousness (the economy of public relations). They are not prepared for this as yet.

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