A Request To Return To The Source

laitman_2009-07_0170A question I received: How can we explain in simple terms the technology of the Light that ”brings us back to the Source?”

My Answer: There is a general force in reality, which is a force of bestowal. We perceive it as goodness and as a creator of goodness.

We call this bestowing, kind and goodness-creating force – the Creator or general Nature. It lies in the unification of all the parts of the created Nature, which exist in harmony and absolute interconnection and which possess similar qualities to the force that created them – the quality of bestowal.

We feel bad because we sense that we have left this integral system. If we wish to feel well, we should try to return to this system, which is called perfection. By trying to return to this system by various different means, we awaken a force that influences us from there. This is called the drawing of the Light that reforms, the force that returns us to the general system.

This force acts in accordance with the intensity and the level of our desire – that is, to the extent that we are able to appeal, ask, and demand of the system. This is very much the same way that an infant, a small child, and a grown-up person act differently in our world. The most important thing is that this demand is in accordance with one’s level of development.

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Everything Unnecessary Will Vanish!

israelIn the News (from Bloomberg):Five Banks Seized, Raising U.S. Tally This Year to 45” Five U.S. banks with total assets of about $1.04 billion were seized by regulators, pushing this year’s tally of failures to 45 as a recession drives up unemployment and home foreclosures.

My Comment: Financial institutes are changing their configurations and  some of them will vanish. The extra, unnecessary enterprises will need to close. Salvation is in educating the population!

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A Woman Is Right To Demand Marriage And Children

electTwo questions I received regarding relationships and the spiritual path:

Question: I got married in Peru. After a few years of marriage, my husband left me and our two daughters. Out of despair, I left to go work in Korea. There, I met a good man and we’ve been together 12 years, and have a son who is 9. Is it necessary for me to get an official divorce in order to form a Kabbalistic family?

My Answer: No. No method of registering a person’s marital status invented and performed in this world has any influence on your spiritual development.

Question: I have been studying Kabbalah for almost two years and have been actively involved in dissemination. My partner has also been doing the same. Since I started studying Kabbalah, I’ve come to understand that I want our relationship to be formalized through marriage and that I want to have children. However, he doesn’t feel the same, although he wants to continue living with me. Is my desire proper?

My Answer: You are right to demand marriage and children. Pass my opinion on to him. A person who is working on his spiritual correction has to do everything that regular people do in this world. It is said: “I dwell among my people,” (Be toch ami anochi echevet).

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Restoring Nature’s Pristine State By Changing Our Consciousness

laitman_2009-07_0211A question I received: How soon after (or before) the correction will the environment (the eco and bio-systems) return to its original balanced state?

My Answer: As soon as we begin to theoretically agree with its plan, Nature will immediately begin to change Nature is connected to our consciousness and subconsciousness, and even the slightest change in both will cause an immediate reaction. Nature is a precise mechanism and we, not some hypothetical divine court, are responsible for the changes it undergoes.

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