Nature Demands That We Relate To Each Other With Love

children2A question I received: Why is it that humanity’s natural development does not lead to the understanding that we must all be connected with each other in a benevolent connection?

My Answer: Everyone can give and take using their egoistical qualities – at work, in commerce and socially. When our egoistic properties reach a global, international level, we reach the maximum realization of our desires. This is where the first phase of human development ends and another begins – the phase of correcting the developed desire.

Nature demands that we restore the connection among us, which was broken before we were even born. This connection can only be corrected with the help of the Light, which the science of Kabbalah can provide.

The desire to start a family, to provide for your children, to be a good neighbor, to give and receive, to make money with each other, to live in peace, – all exist within the egoistic desire.

But if we are talking about a new system of connection among us, this is not a system of mutually beneficial trade, but a system where I am obliged to give to all; I must invest in everyone. This is not a transition to more trade with a higher degree of participation, although the world might understand it as such. Everyone understands that we must be interconnected in a positive way. But what Nature demands of us are heartfelt relationships based on the principles of bestowal and love, and not just honest trade!

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Ascending To Bestowal Above Egoistic Calculations

bestowalNo matter how much the bankers and the economists search for a regulator, they will not find it. After all, the only regulator for our state is in the rule “love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the only form of correct participation in the global system.

Otherwise, you will never have the freedom of will or the opportunity for independent action, and you will remain an inanimate little screw within a rigid system, forced to twist and turn as the system sees fit. But none of it will be done by you – you will be twisted and turned by others.

In order to make decisions and act independently, you need faith above reason and pure bestowal. No other method can be used to influence this system. If everyone were to begin to act this way, suddenly we would find that we are all rising above our previous egoistic calculations of trying to guess how each person would act, which is entirely impossible.

After all, by trying to reveal this formula and coming closer and closer to it, you suddenly switch from a numerical system of calculation to an analogous one. In other words, you stop counting 1+1+…, breaking the whole circle into segments. Because the calculation continuously gets harder, and there are more and more segments, in the end all of them merge into a common integral – into one common circle. You are then no longer able to perform a calculation according to your egoistic nature – you are forced to ascend to bestowal. And this is the only action that can be performed.

This is like a common integral, when you need to measure the area, so you break it up into segments, estimate the area of each, and then add them up, which is how the segments form a circle.

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Revealing The Universality Of Kabbalah

laitman_2009-03_8080Questions I received about problems in Venezuela, people living in the East and an expression of doubt about Kabbalah as the only path to spirituality:

Question: I am writing to you from Venezuela. How can we choose the correct environment if we live in a country with so many political problems, where the people are severely divided and where the employment situation is often intolerable?

My Answer: Kabbalah is intended to solve all the problems of our world by elevating a person above them. All problems come from the Creator precisely with the objective of forcing us to rise above them. By understanding the source of the problems, you have the opportunity to truly overcome them.

Question: Why is it that whenever you speak of the dissemination of Kabbalah, you never focus on the East? What will happen with this part of the world? Is it that people living there are unable to walk the path of correction and avoid suffering?

My Answer: I speak to all people on Earth. The only issue is that we do not yet have enough friends and groups in the East and this is why I rarely mention them.

Question: I do not agree that the study of Kabbalah is the only method of spiritual advancement. I imagine that the Creator has all sorts of possibilities to spiritually develop any person, irrespective of whether or not that person studies Kabbalah. I also think that in places where Kabbalah was not widely known, there were also people who were able to complete their spiritual transformation.

My Answer: I wish for you to become more deeply familiar with what Kabbalah brings to our world from the ancient world, when the entire civilization was in one place – in Babylon. Kabbalah was revealed then and there in order to lead humanity to unity. You will discover Kabbalah’s universality and alter your current opinion.

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Life, The Goal And The Soul

what20is20sin20in20kabbalahQuestions I received about fate, sensations received while reading, Adam HaRishon and connections:

Question: How do we find out the real purpose of our fate? Is there a way to discover whether a person’s actions are properly directed at carrying out the goal, for which he came to this world?

My Answer: This is a person’s constant work over the course of his whole life, in clarifying the goal – the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, and acquiring this quality to the extent that he continually nears it.

Question: I have been reading your books for a long time, and it seems that something fulfills me within. I acquire a string of hope and attachment. I feel that I exist, that I am here, and when I concentrate on this feeling, I feel certain serenity and fulfillment. Is this feeling of existence my own ego, or is it universal, common?

My Answer: This is the emergence of your personal attainment of the common universe.

Question: To what organ of Adam HaRishon does my soul belong?

My Answer: Only you can reveal this as you reveal the Creator, because this revelation comes generally in the common soul and individually in your soul.

Question: When you say that “there needs to be a connection between people,” what sort of a connection do you mean?

My Answer: I am referring to the need to be in positive relationships, with participation of everyone in regards to everyone else, as our connection in a single mechanism obliges us.

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