Nature Demands That We Relate To Each Other With Love

children2A question I received: Why is it that humanity’s natural development does not lead to the understanding that we must all be connected with each other in a benevolent connection?

My Answer: Everyone can give and take using their egoistical qualities – at work, in commerce and socially. When our egoistic properties reach a global, international level, we reach the maximum realization of our desires. This is where the first phase of human development ends and another begins – the phase of correcting the developed desire.

Nature demands that we restore the connection among us, which was broken before we were even born. This connection can only be corrected with the help of the Light, which the science of Kabbalah can provide.

The desire to start a family, to provide for your children, to be a good neighbor, to give and receive, to make money with each other, to live in peace, – all exist within the egoistic desire.

But if we are talking about a new system of connection among us, this is not a system of mutually beneficial trade, but a system where I am obliged to give to all; I must invest in everyone. This is not a transition to more trade with a higher degree of participation, although the world might understand it as such. Everyone understands that we must be interconnected in a positive way. But what Nature demands of us are heartfelt relationships based on the principles of bestowal and love, and not just honest trade!

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