Only The Original Science Of Kabbalah Can Bring Us To Revelation Of The Creator

the2520reshimot2520surfacing2520today2520demand2520spriA question I received: Why do you consider all sciences to be a consequence of the science of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Kabbalah originated 4,500 years ago in Ancient Babylon, and all the secular sciences originated from the science of Kabbalah. True science is a tool by which we attain Nature (or the Creator, which is the same thing). However, in regular, secular science, one attains His qualities egoistically, using one’s will to receive. In ordinary science, one attains the Creator within one’s earthly or materialistic desires.

On the other hand, if a person has the desire to understand the Creator, to attain His plan and the system through which He influences us, if one truly wishes to know Him and His actions and to reveal the deepest meaning of His acts, then to accomplish all this, one has to become like Him. And for that, one must have the desire to learn to bestow. In this case, that person is able to reveal the science that studies the Creator – the science of Kabbalah.

Everything in reality comes from the Creator and is attained within our desires. If a person’s desires have the intention of “for the sake of reception,” then he learns the ordinary, natural sciences, using the desires he was born with. But if his desires are similar to the Creator’s, then he uncovers the truth and understands the Creator’s actions. One attains this to the extent he is similar to Him. To the degree one is similar to Him, one attains His actions, intentions, desires, and His entire plan, as well as its realization.

A person attains all of this inside himelf, by means of equivalence of form with Him. This is how the science of Kabbalah enables one to see the Creator’s world, and is the reason why it is the only true science.

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Understanding Starts By Seeing The World Through Another Person’s Eyes

in2520the2520news2520the2520biggest2520physics2520expeA question I received: Do you really think it’s possible to convey Kabbalistic information to the masses? It seems like they are still deaf to it!

My Answer: From childhood, a person perceives this world through examples, models, and images. A person thinks by means of the images that accumulate in his memory and he perceives the world through them. He evaluates and comprehends everything, makes decisions, and performs actions based on the conceptualization of the images.

The system of images and concepts that we receive from childhood, formulates our inner image of the world and our image of ourselves. Over the course of our entire lives, we continuously acquire new images and use them to replace the former ones. It is also possible for new images to fade and the old images to return. The images form due to their repeated occurrence in our surroundings – for example, through repeated exposure to the mass media.

If a person hears or sees something that contradicts his set of images, then he does not understand it, or he rejects the message altogether. Thus, in order for people to understand what we are saying, we have to know how they conceptualize their images and address those images directly, rather than by trying to appeal to basic human logic and common sense.

The more educated a person is, the more flexible his ideas and concepts are. We have to address the masses through their underlying concepts (life values): compassion, cooperation, prosperity, health, work, safety, and their children’s future.

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