The Result Of Incorrect Upbringing


In the News (from Stuff):Australia – a nation of ‘mummy’s boys‘” Australian mothers are breeding a generation of “mummies’ boys”, new data reveals…Social demographer Bernard Salt says new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 27 per cent of men aged between 20 and 34 are still living with their parents…A generation ago men generally left home at 18 and were fending for themselves managing their own households and budgets, he said…”If you’ve got mummy picking up your dirty washing at 27 you never actually learn those skills.”

My Comment: The absence of a correct upbringing, (meaning not organized as dictated by Nature) combined with an aggressive environment (uncorrected egoism) are responsible for this outcome where men don’t want to become independent. What is the point of leaving home?

Separation is absolutely opposite to Nature! For thousands of years, even after marrying, men did not leave their parents. What the modern family is missing isn’t independence to form a family but the ability to do it in accordance with advice from elders and in a close circle of relatives.

Nature is opposite to the modern concept of the “independent” family unit. In general, correction can happen only in proximity to others. In the future, we will reinstate natural relations between generations and then our men and women will want to create families and have children.

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The Crisis Is A Call For Us To Ascend Above This World

lawsThe current situation in the world is such that we can descend to the greatest depth of suffering and problems until, after many blows, our senses and our rationale will show us that this is a dead-end state.

However, we can immediately begin to understand that this descent is given to us so that we can ascend.  We are being shown that the crisis that is currently tearing us away from our former upbringing, money, honor, and power, is showing us that this world is tumbling down into an abyss.  As a result, we are being called to rise above the crisis, instead of looking for a worry-free life here.

Therefore, we are now sent this suffering as help for us as individuals, and also for the entire world to tear away from the past. Within the resultant empty space, we will come to wish to feel the Creator (BO-RE, come and see), the quality of bestowal. We will wish to feel this quality, to submerge ourselves in it, within this empty space, within the feeling of darkness, and desire the Creator’s  quality to fill us.

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Kabbalah Teaches Us How To Access Abundance And Perfection

saveA question I received: What should people learn and feel when they first come in touch with the wisdom of Kabbalah?

My Answer: People need to know that the method is revealed here and now to give all of us an opportunity to correct our earthly and spiritual existence and thus come to perfection: filling all voids, revealing the good, rectifying all wrongs and finding the cures to all illnesses.

In other words, the science of Kabbalah explains that here’s a source of abundance and thus it teaches us how to plug directly into that source.

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Why Should We Have More Than We Need?

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceA question I received: We know that in the past many Kabbalists were rather successful businessmen. What did it mean then to be “successful?”

My Answer: On the outside, Kabbalists always resembled other people. That was a period when they had to live like regular people since it was still forbidden to reveal the science of Kabbalah. Were they successful salesmen and did they keep their profits?

Baal HaSulam wrote that a person who studies how to become similar to the Creator, distributes his extra earnings among everyone, leaving only what was necessary for himself.

There has never been a single person who attained the spiritual and kept more for himself than what he required for a normal existence. On the other hand, it is forbidden to place oneself below the acceptable standard of living for the particular period or place.

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