The Crisis Is A Call For Us To Ascend Above This World

lawsThe current situation in the world is such that we can descend to the greatest depth of suffering and problems until, after many blows, our senses and our rationale will show us that this is a dead-end state.

However, we can immediately begin to understand that this descent is given to us so that we can ascend.  We are being shown that the crisis that is currently tearing us away from our former upbringing, money, honor, and power, is showing us that this world is tumbling down into an abyss.  As a result, we are being called to rise above the crisis, instead of looking for a worry-free life here.

Therefore, we are now sent this suffering as help for us as individuals, and also for the entire world to tear away from the past. Within the resultant empty space, we will come to wish to feel the Creator (BO-RE, come and see), the quality of bestowal. We will wish to feel this quality, to submerge ourselves in it, within this empty space, within the feeling of darkness, and desire the Creator’s  quality to fill us.

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