The Whole Of Humanity Should Fit Together Like Lego Blocks

what20came20first20religion20or20kabbalahA question I received: What is the purpose of your attempts to unite people?

My Answer: With Lego blocks, each piece has a number of pins to fit with other pieces. The more pins the pieces have, the more compatible their form, and the more sophisticated their potential combinations can be.

This model shows how we, through everything we’re doing, are trying to develop an efficient identity that will fit the maximum number of people, without obstructing their “lower level” identities, such as nationality, religion, etc.

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All But Necessities Should Be Dedicated To Bestowal

laitman_2009-02-23_2415_wA question I received: How can people determine what is a necessity today?

My Answer: The level of necessity of today is a medium level of well-being in the place where a person is living. There are many methods of verifying the actual mean level. Baal HaSulam covers that in detail in the article The Future Generation. He refers to creation of all kinds of committees that would check the actual needs of every person, and fulfill them.

All of that is measured according to the needs of an average person. Let’s say that each family must have a room for each of its members. Each person must have a job. The family must have a car to get to and from work and for other needs. All of that is determined in accordance with changes that occur in the world. Notwithstanding, a family must have everything it needs to exit normally.

As a matter of fact, the problem is not what you have, but your attitude towards it. After all, the Creator doesn’t want you to suffer. The purpose of creation is to delight the creatures. Therefore, you confine your earthly life to the needs of your physical body – no more and no less.

You have to fill your desires for food, sex, family, wealth, honor, power and knowledge. You should feel no lack in those desires, and they should be filled to the measure that is an essential necessity for the life of your animal body. Anything that is beyond a necessity should be used to bestow to your fellow man.

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Will Governments Have To Print More Money To Repay Their Debts?

the20consequences20of20egoisms20growthIn the News (from The Big Money):A Stimulus Won’t Save Us Now” The World Bank report confirms what some had already feared—there is “little hope that the [developing world] countries will provide the spark for the global economic engine,”… Reuters quotes the World Bank report as saying that “the prospects for the global economy remain ‘unusually uncertain.’…”There is a moment where you can’t spend anymore and you can’t accumulate any more debt. I think we are at that moment,” European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said on Sunday, warning that governments will have to now start paying down the massive deficits they’ve created rather than look to stimulus spending.

My Comment: But how can we pay down the debts without relying on the printing press?  We are at an impasse!

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