Can The World’s Problems Be Solved Without Kabbalah?

adviceA question I received: Is it possible to solve humanity’s problems without involving the science of Kabbalah, but merely through humanity’s realization of the need to unite and to create organizations like the European Union or a world government?

My Answer: Suppose we start convincing ourselves and others that we must unite as one man in one heart, so that everything is shared by everyone. Can we reach such a goal? We could not do any better than what was done in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

This is why the Kabbalists warn that in order for the world to change we must draw the correcting force. In other words, the correction of the world is only possible with the help of Kabbalah revealing the higher force to the world. With the help of this Upper Force, the world can come to the correct condition.

That is why it’s not worthwhile to wait for governments or G20 summits to find a solution. No one has a solution. As the world continues to develop, it will come to understand that it does not have the means for salvation. We will disseminate the science of Kabbalah while humanity, in the process of its development, pursuits and innumerable pretexts discovers that there is no solution and that the world is on the brink of destruction. It is precisely on the edge of this precipice that we, Kabbalists, will come together with the world.

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  1. As Rav says we have already proven, through experiments such as the USSR and Third Reich that Unity on its own is pointless. Without the upper forces it is simply an excersise by a collective ego to please itself. The prime principal of Kabbalah (the proper way to receive) is not at all in play under this kind of a scenario.

    It’s simply the collective saying “What’s in it for us” There is no concept of bestowal at all in these efforts. Although seemingly altruistic it is no different than me giving to charity for a seemingly altruistic purpose where in reality I am doing it to make me feel good .

    The unity must be in the higher world from whence cometh the light. It is the only type on Unity that will work and the only way to it is the Kabbalah. The rules are all there.


    Marvin Fox

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