Life, The Goal And The Soul

what20is20sin20in20kabbalahQuestions I received about fate, sensations received while reading, Adam HaRishon and connections:

Question: How do we find out the real purpose of our fate? Is there a way to discover whether a person’s actions are properly directed at carrying out the goal, for which he came to this world?

My Answer: This is a person’s constant work over the course of his whole life, in clarifying the goal – the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, and acquiring this quality to the extent that he continually nears it.

Question: I have been reading your books for a long time, and it seems that something fulfills me within. I acquire a string of hope and attachment. I feel that I exist, that I am here, and when I concentrate on this feeling, I feel certain serenity and fulfillment. Is this feeling of existence my own ego, or is it universal, common?

My Answer: This is the emergence of your personal attainment of the common universe.

Question: To what organ of Adam HaRishon does my soul belong?

My Answer: Only you can reveal this as you reveal the Creator, because this revelation comes generally in the common soul and individually in your soul.

Question: When you say that “there needs to be a connection between people,” what sort of a connection do you mean?

My Answer: I am referring to the need to be in positive relationships, with participation of everyone in regards to everyone else, as our connection in a single mechanism obliges us.

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