The Catch-22 Of Our Correction


A question I received: What is the difference between the attainment of mutual guarantee and the reception of the Torah?

My Answer: Mutual Guarantee is a state of oneness. The Torah (Kabbalah) is the means by which one can come to the quality of bestowal; it allows one to reach oneness because it reveals the Creator.

In accordance with the law of equivalence of form, if I reach the desire to “bestow”, the Creator is revealed to me within it. This is because the only quality of the Creator is bestowal and love. While my desire remains uncorrected in similarity with Him, I don’t have anything with which to discover and reveal Him. But without the revelation of the Creator I am not able to correct myself. It’s a catch-22:

  • Without having corrected myself, I cannot reveal the Creator
  • Without having revealed the Creator, I cannot correct myself!

This is why a method exists which allows one to attract a force which corrects ones desires from reception to bestowal. This method is called Kabbalah and it allows one to attract the Light that reforms while still remaining uncorrected and not having the same qualities as the Light.

This force is called the Surrounding Light. This is the Creator influencing us in a concealed manner. This is why it’s called the Surrounding Light, and not the explicit Direct Light.

From afar, the Surrounding Light can influence something that is removed and opposite to it (egoism) in accordance with a person’s yearning for correction.

The Creator is called  Bore. BO-RE means “come” and “see.”  When I unite with others in our common quality of bestowal, we develop the conditions for the revelation of the Creator. The entire method of correction (Kabbalah) consists of attracting the Surrounding (correcting) Light towards oneself.

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