We Come To The Creator By Copying His Actions

correction2520depends2520only2520on2520desire2520not25Questions I received about the study of Gematria, characters from ancient texts, and the two forms of desire:

Question: Is the study of Gematria related to Kabbalah? What is the goal of this science? What do we have to learn from it?

My Answer: Gematria is a method for recording the relationships between spiritual properties and different souls. It is similar to modern methods of recording information. Letters represent properties descending from the ruling system of signals. If we depict the sequence of letters as words, then we do not read the actual words but rather the program, which runs our world.

What Gematria gives us is an example of how we should be. Our entire work is to come to be similar to the Creator. This similarity can be achieved only by copying His actions, just as a child learns from adults in this world.

Question: Kabbalah speaks of Adam, Eve and other characters from ancient texts. I would like to know who these people were.

My Answer: They are internal forces of the root of the soul: the giving male source and the receiving female one. In Kabbalah, these are the systems of Z”A and Malchut. For more information, read The Book of Zohar.

Question: Can we say that there are two forms of desire? The first one is the desire to please oneself and the second – to please others. The first is very limited, and the second is eternal and infinite.

My Answer: This is true!

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