The Realization That Suffering Is The Cleansing Force Of The Crisis

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_6618In the News (from The Financial News):Interview of Dmitry Medvedev American CNBC TV channel” Now, one problem arising at one place in one country, be that in America, Europe or Asia, is enough for the whole world community, for the whole global economy to catch fire. That is why, a very important conclusion that we should make and take as a basic one is that taking all kinds of domestic national economy decisions concerning inflation, issue of money and some other economic indicators, we are making a direct impact on other economies. This economic globalism is, maybe, the main lesson of the current crisis, which, at the same time, creates better conditions for development in the future, because we can create a much fairer financial and economic architecture.

My comment: See how suffering is helping us! It is well known that suffering cleanses. The correct interpretation of this is that suffering cleanses a person of egoism. This cleansing consists of two phases. Phase one is through the influence of Upper forces. The second phase is the realization that egoism is the cause of all evil followed by a conscious separation from it (from its use).

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  1. well with all due respect to the expert, if all the world’s wealth was equally distributed, then there would be no one starving or living homeless. These bailouts and helping the rich stay richer is no solution. We need real, sweeping change on this planet, a shift to sharing local resources and honoring and protecting the environment. We now have the technology to end greed and meet everyone’s basic needs. I say Personal Growth is much more important that money.

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