The Internet Should Not Replace Our Interpersonal Connections

rav-on-computerIn the news (from USC Annenberg):Family time decreasing with Internet use” More and more of America’s Internet-connected households report erosion of face-to-face family time, increased feelings of being ignored by family members using the Web… By 2008, shared time had dropped by more than 30 percent, to 17.9 hours. Reports of feeling ignored, at least sometimes, by family members using the Internet grew by 40 percent over the same period.

My Comment: This is not something to look forward to!  Our egoism is forcing us to move away from one another and to forget about ourselves and others by immersing ourselves in the TV and the Internet.  In the space where our desires ought to be fulfilled, we feel emptiness – that is why we are distanced from others and ourselves. When one is on an incorrect course, there are two methods to discern the error and make the necessary adjustments to reach the goal:

1) Accelerate the speed in the wrong direction! In so doing one gains some time by recognizing the error of one’s course, since the time spent moving in the wrong direction is filled with suffering.

2) Instead of moving in the wrong direction, delve into the study of the process that is controlling us. In doing so, one will be able to recognize its evil, instead of revealing its wickedness personally, through corporeal suffering. This action greatly reduces not only the time spent on the wrong path, but also the amount, level and magnitude of suffering, by transforming the corporeal and emotional suffering to the suffering of love.

In this way, we move from suffering over our own miserable state and the fact that we’re feeling pain, to suffering over the absence of eternity and perfection that we have not yet attained. Therefore, the second method is preferable!

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