No Matter What – Never Stop

the2520intention2520of2520attaining2520the2520creator2A question I received: I was never a good socializer and not exactly a communicative person. Actually, being among large groups of live people is a big torture for me. I lose all desire to talk, I go berserk; I feel that I am deficient, etc.. You teach us: “Create your own environment”, I feel that will never be able to. But I can’t imagine living without Kabbalah studies and I continue to read books and study over the Internet on my own.

People that surround me don’t like me. I simply hate them, and I hate myself, too. In one of the forums they told me to mix more. But what can I do if I the word “mixing” makes me sick?

My Answer: It’s just wonderful! Continue anyway you can, and the Light will lead you to a new state, resolution and circumstances. Most importantly – no matter what, continue your studies.

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