Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Will To Receive

pleasureIn the News (from WWJ Newsradio):Study: Baby Facial Defects Unnerve Women”  Puzzling new research suggests women have a harder time than men looking at babies with facial birth defects…men put three times more effort into watching beautiful women as women put into watching handsome men…Both genders spent equal time and effort looking at photos of the normal babies… researcher Dr. Igor Elman noted that previous work has linked child abandonment and neglect to abnormal appearance, and even asked if the finding might challenge the concept of unconditional maternal love.

My Comment: Where is the all-encompassing and boundlessly merciful maternal love? Alas, everything is determined by hormones and genes. Men watch women because it brings them pleasure. Women find no pleasure in observing a male. The basic foundation of Nature is the desire to receive (pleasure). That’s what completely dictates our behavior.

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