Consequences Of Playing With The Financial Bubble

confirmIn the News (from The New York Times):Joblessness Hits 9.5%, Deflating Recovery Hopes” – The American economy lost 467,000 more jobs in June, and the unemployment rate edged up to 9.5 percent in a sobering indication that the longest recession since the 1930s had yet to release its hold. The numbers are indicative of a continued, very severe recession. There’s nothing in here to show that the economy and the market are pulling out of the grip of recession.
My Comment: No one in the world wants to hear a voice of common sense about the continuation of the crisis, about the necessity of changing of public relationships for its resolution and about a new phase in development of social relationships. It is because money flows through people whose wealth depends only on the development of financial bubbles. Thus, until the world reaches the point of collapse, they will not stop their game.

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Shamati #69 “First Will Be The Correction Of The World”

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  1. We have creator(our thoughts) within and self interests, ego and need for survival clouds the vision or the ceature from the guidance of creator within. The creator within(our thoughts) work in the best interest of the each individual creature. When there is perceived or real competition for the materialistic resources needed for survival then the reality created by the creator within will also be self centered. How onen one can build up a social order based on bestowing.

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