Turning Concealment Into Revelation

what2520to2520ask2520for2520at2520the2520grave2520ofWe are in the world of Infinity even now. We act within this world, but the results of our actions are not revealed to us during the period of concealment. However, we are within the same connection between the souls, the same common Kli of Infinity.

Concealment is only in regards to us. While we are in this world, we are situated in the world of Infinity, but we only feel it through five worlds or layers of concealment. The world of Infinity, which we perceive within, is then called our world.

During the period of preparation for revelation, we work against concealment, which is called our world. We wish to achieve a connection, correction and revelation, but we are incapable. However, when our efforts reach their full extent, they turn into a plea.

A person demands the Light from above to come and correct him, which then reveals a state, where he had previously existed. It is as though someone turns on a light bulb, or lights a small candle in a huge room, and a person already sees the same state, the same world of Infinity. This is the world of Assiya.

Therefore, you act in the same world, with the same power and the same desires, but to the extent that you are able to work with them, more becomes revealed to you. You raise all the desires with yourself and continue working. Nothing that existed before disappears. You merely add a conquering force every time, and this is how you advance.

Revelation is a state, where the previous concealment no longer gets in your way. You are able to work within the same concealment, and this is called revelation. You receive such power that you can orient in the same concealment, despite the fact that it is there. However, you can work with  that heaviness, which means that you have risen above it. You then reveal an even greater heaviness, with which you can also reach a connection.

The higher up the steps you climb, the greater the concealment becomes. The only difference is that after the first step, which is called Machsom, you already know how to rise above this concealment and how to work with it and accept it. After all, it is forbidden to reject concealment, otherwise a short circuit failure between the Light and the desire would occur.

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  1. Sometimes glimpses of other spaces come through, usually as an insite when I am writins a poem. The closer we get to our Creator, we see our world and everything in it from a different perspective. Wisdom and knowledge come into play as well as seeing a person more for who he or she really is.

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