Love, Family And The Purpose Of Creation

laitman_2008-11_wife-olga_100A question I received: In old times, a man could buy a wife and marriages were arranged by parents. But love can only happen in relation to a specific individual.

In today’s world, marriages aren’t always created for the sake of love. Sometimes it’s because the woman gets pregnant in order to force the man to marry her. Other times, a marriage is required in order to be able to move from one place to another. There are other examples. So you have created a family and now you must protect it. What if feelings arise toward another person when you are already a “cell in the society”? Then, what is a family and what is love?

My Answer: Throughout history, humanity has treated the family as a cell within a society that must be created and developed. In any nation or culture, love was never the motivation for starting a family. The purpose behind family was to be able to exist within the framework of this world.

Today, we are on the brink of realizing another goal: the purpose of the family living for the sake of reaching the Upper World. But while we are still on the threshold, we must free ourselves from the old relationships within the family and realize the purpose of the new, higher goal. At this transition point, we are still analyzing our nature and studying ourselves. We do this in order to come to the realization that our nature is evil and that we must rise above it

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  1. Based on my personal experience and discussions with friends it seems that today, more and more, parents have to become aware of the internal state of each member of the familly in order to check if the familly link is healthy or if the children are provided the right conditions for them to develop according to their unique profile. If we don’t do that we are unable to understand and address issues. Monney, gifts any material goods no longer help. On the contrary, giving material gifts tend to increase crisis situations.
    Actually the inner work starts by totally reconsidering the perception one has of his kids and wife while another important thing is to stop thinking one can solve a familly crisis alone. One has to internally elevate his children not reform them. To do so, one has to nullify his ego before the familly while keeping his full responsibility.
    This looks very different from the “old” consideration of the familly.

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