A Way Out Of The Dead End Of This World

withoutToday, humanity is discovering that it cannot control its circumstances and that it has nothing by which to manage the world. A special force is being revealed in the world; that of an integral connection between people. This force connects everyone into a single system in which we are not able to exist within our egoism.

The new laws of mutual participation and universal interrelation are being revealed, and our current egoistic sciences which were developed by man are not able to provide an explanation of such laws. As a result, humanity today is in a state of despair and does not see a way out; such is the state of the world.

Although a few of us might think that the crisis has passed, the reality is that it is only getting worse. The science of Kabbalah can gradually be revealed once we find ourselves at the dead end, which we are fast approaching.

The most important thing is that when people start suffering and encountering problems, they are able to correctly realize that their state is a result of a process that has been years in the making.  Egoistic desire is what develops humanity, pushes it forward, and develops the sciences.

This desire results in the destruction of all previous systems and leads to a collective failure in all areas of human activity. A person must understand that he has no hope for the future if he continues to use his egoism. On the other hand, we have reached a level of connection that obliges us to come to terms with others, and to even come to love of others.

All of this must be explained gradually, in the same manner that a person is taught about the world he lives in during the first 20 years of his life. Today, even the most powerful and wise person must come to know what world he lives in, what lies ahead and what habits he must acquire for life in the new world. This applies to every person inhabiting the Earth. We are in a new situation, and in relation to all previous development, this state is final and even irreversible. However, we now have the opportunity for a different kind of development.

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