The Sensation Of Godly Deeds And Goodness

laitman_2009-02-03_3A question I received: What are Godly deeds and goodness?
My Answer: This is the goodness that fills the world that is discovered in my corrected desires. Even at this moment, I am surrounded by the world of Infinity filled with absolute goodness, but I have no ability to feel it.

Godly goodness is what I discover in place of the evil that I sense today. My egoism is constantly growing and by this it shows me that everything is bad. It shows me two opposites: the Light and that same Light in the form of darkness. This is how one feels the Light in this world, since he is opposite to bestowal.

The stronger the Light works on me, the harder and darker life seems to be. This is because I am opposite to it. The Light that is revealed relative to all souls and not only relative to me, shows me that everything that happens to me depends on the whole world.

This is why the world doesn’t understand why all of a sudden it experiences stagnation and inactivity. Subconsciously, a person feels that he depends on everyone. So, how should he act? He must be able to scrutinize when he bestows and when he receives. But the revelation of our global connection blurs the desire to receive and renders us helpless. If I am told that I am to complete some work and receive payment for it, this I understand. But I cannot work without a reward!

The difficulty here is that as the connection between us appears, the Light will increasingly reveal itself. We will feel its influence as increased darkness and crisis. But if we begin to play the game of bestowal with each other, we will be corrected. The science of Kabbalah, even as a game, will unite humanity in mutual bestowal with the source which will correct us. As a result, we will indeed find ourselves in a corrected state.

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