Regarding Practical Use Of The Higher Power

laitman_214The wisdom of Kabbalah is a most practical method. In our world there is no other means for influencing our fate, our lives, and the forces of nature that manage all of this.

As we enter into the new age and receive all the means to manage our lives into our hands, we suddenly see that nothing is found under our control and in our hands, and we don’t know what will happen with us from today until tomorrow. This is the recognition of evil through which all of humanity must pass.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us connection, contact with the one force that works in reality. We can awaken it, summon it onto us and, with its help, reach the desired changes if our plans are integrated with the program of this upper force.

We need to develop in order to reach such mutual integration in the work, connection of the creatures with the Creator, and adhesion of our desires with the desire of the upper force, with the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), and so the question can be asked: How can we activate this upper force?

This is the only thing that must be done in the wisdom of Kabbalah and, generally, in reality. Otherwise, we continue to live dutifully carrying out the orders of the higher power and playing on the face of this earth like children in a sandbox, hitting each other and pouring sand on each other.

However, if we truly want to advance, it is possible only if we ourselves attract the Light that Reforms, and then it will begin to develop us. However, if we don’t attract it, then it will reveal how much we are suffering and have no control over our development.

The more that we develop technologically, we have less and less control over our fate, our situation. That is how we gradually reach an understanding that the wisdom of Kabbalah is speaking only about practical actions, and this work is very simple: to influence that Light. In addition, influencing it is possible only if we attain a form similar to it, meaning that we unite.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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