How Do We Stop Being Concerned About Inconsequential Things?

laitman_232_02Question: Yesterday evening when I had got ready to go to sleep, my 12 year-old daughter still hadn’t come home. My wife and I were unable to reach her by telephone and I, knowing about the criminal situation in our city from the newspapers, could not sleep.

The next day, she let us know that her battery had died. How can I stop being concerned about inconsequential things and overcome my hypersensitivity?

Answer: All of us understand that you are justified. Actually, since a person knows what can happen, he should be concerned and not think, “Whatever will be, will be.” However, there is a way to influence your overprotectiveness. This is through the power of the environment.

For example, we are sitting in a circle and are discussing your situation, among other things, certainly without any disrespect, without dismissing your concerns, for this could push you away. Suppose that one of the women says, “I would go to sleep.”

Later, a man adds, “Nothing will happen. Leave the statistics alone. They inflate them on purpose. I don’t want to hear anything about it. I would go to sleep relaxed. All of my neighbors would do that.”

In other words, we instill you with our behavior, for when you are gripped by panic, you become more sensitive, you absorb more, and we can influence you more strongly than an ordinary person. That is,  you will change more rapidly because you absorb what is going on outside of you more quickly.

Whether you want it or not, you will be influenced greatly by us, and suddenly, you will become more relaxed than everyone else, and then your wife will ask you why you didn’t tell her that your daughter didn’t answer your telephone calls, and you will suddenly say to her, “I didn’t think about it. I went to sleep.”

It only seems to you that this is impossible. The environment can do everything! It is ready to bring us up from every black hole to the Light, to a wonderful, good and comfortable life. Everything depends on us, on how we organize this environment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/12

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  1. Very great point, very bad example. Twelve??? Who can sleep when their twelve year old daughter hasn’t come home and it’s night… twenty five…okay maybe, but twelve? I think the group should go out looking for her.

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