All Of The Planets Sustain Life On Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Stars, success, fate, astrology, a map of our lives, all of this awakens a strong curiosity in people, but it remains covered in the darkness of ignorance. So each one is free to imagine anything he wants about this area, and there are a multitude of astrological currents. But first of all, I would like to know, does a connection really exist between the arrangement of the stars and the fate of a person?

Answer: It is absolutely clear that if we live in an integral world that emerged from the singularity of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, from then up until this moment, it has expanded according to absolutely strict and clear laws of which we have discovered only a minute fraction. But in what we have discovered, we see iron-clad laws and inseparable connections between all parts of nature.

Our solar system was created under particularly favorable conditions that made the appearance of life possible. It is not by chance that the Earth was created as the third planet from the sun, under unique conditions that provide it with the two planets before it, Mercury and Venus, and all the planets that come after it, starting from Mars and beyond to the other plants.

It is interesting that together with Earth, all of the planets that orbit the sun have their own function in relation to it. They absorb and swallow waves of radioactive rays from the sun and don’t allow them reach the Earth.

By changes in location, the planets balance all this great system. It seems to us that the Earth rotates in empty space, but actually all of the planets are linked by rigid connections.

For example, not long ago it was discovered that Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, plays a gigantic role in our lives. If it were not for its immense mass that attracts, like a magnet, all the fragments that are flying around, then millions of times more meteors would have fallen on the Earth. In this manner it is our defensive shield.

Some of the planets shield us from harmful radiation, others work as absorbers that swallow sharp fluctuations and provide for stable conditions on Earth by which life can exist. Other  planets attract cosmic objects to themselves that threaten to fall on the Earth.

All of this works as a single system that we still don’t fully understand. The wisdom of Kabbalah shows how much all things are connected and depend upon each other. From that moment when the universe emerged from a single point until today, everything is managed within it by means of a single, general force that holds together the natures of the still, vegetative, and animate levels and all of humanity.

So without a doubt, there exists a connection between our fate and what is happening in the heavens if we are in a single system. The only question is can we discern and discover it?

Are we ready to come to such conclusions on the basis of thousands of years of observation and records that have been transmitted from generation to generation? In such a case, we explore this connection in a practical manner. Or, we don’t rely on experimental data but learn the main laws. Based on these laws, we will understand what will happen.

There are two ways to investigate nature: either experimentally or by attaining its laws. By attaining the laws without experimental data, we are able think about the future and predict what will happen.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/01/15

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