Such An Unexpected Person

laitman_752_1Today, we begin to realize more and more that all of creation is one system and that there is nothing coincidental about it. Everything works according to a general plan that is not known to us. We don’t know who invented it and who manages it, but at least it is clear that everything works according to some upper plan.

Therefore, we can predict what will happen in one place or in several places according to what happens in a certain place. Eventually, we begin to examine the entire system as one whole.

This leads us to the question of why we can be so successful on the level of the still nature, but, at the same time, cannot predict anything when it comes to the human level. We can launch a spaceship to explore another planet and make sure that it lands there, takes pictures, and sends them back to us, or even sends it to some more distant stars.

This means that we know how to calculate its movement in relation to the stars, and this indicates that we know the laws of nature at least to the depth of the physical level.

These laws of the mutual connection do indeed exist and it isn’t by chance that everything in the universe revolves, but this is only on the level of the still nature, while on the vegetative and the animate levels of nature on this planet, we encounter problems. As long as we remain on the level of the still nature, we can predict outcomes, the influence of still nature on plants and animals, and the influence of animals on the vegetative and still nature.

However, when it comes to man, everything is much more complicated. We don’t understand how he is incorporated in the general system. As long as we study only plants, we can predict what will happen during the year, in two years’ time, in five years or even in fifty years according to the seasons and the climate. We also can predict to some extent what will happen in the animate world.

However, when we speak about man, we cannot even say what will happen to him tomorrow. The more complicated the object of our study is—the still, vegetative, animate, and the speaking nature—the more such unexpected forces and factors influence it, and we cannot predict its fate.

It is because the most important thing for us is to predict the future. Currently, we exist somehow, but it is interesting to know what will happen the next moment or in another thousand years.

We do understand the connection between the still and vegetative nature to some extent, such as the effect of sunlight on how a plant grows until it withers. Even here, we may be surprised and encounter phenomena that we don’t understand. Suddenly certain species of plants disappear for reasons that we don’t understand.

However, we have no idea at all as to how man affects the whole system of nature. The main thing is that every human being is an individual, a special personality. There is no such thing in the vegetative world where the entire field withers together. This is because we don’t pay attention to one plant but look at the field as one whole. Plants are indeed all connected to one another that way.

Every human being has his own, unique destiny that is different from others. We see that even newborn babies are very different. One is perfectly healthy and the other is very clever. Each one is an individual.

However, we cannot say that about animals. Interestingly, even people’s physical bodies, which belong to the animate level, are very different from one another. The human level radiates on them and gives them a special individuality so that each body receives its own unique psychological and physiological attributes.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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