The Children Of The Universe, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe encounter many surprises when we study the physical attributes of the universe. If we first supposed that radiation and particles could not penetrate solids, we know now that this isn’t so.

The microcosm has opened a truly amazing picture before us. A lot has changed in our understanding of the universe and of man’s place in it.

What is more, it is all because we refused to follow a whole ideological approach, agreeing that we don’t understand, feel, or know the creation at all and that we have to study it from the beginning. Thus science has drawn away from religion and left its limitations, which was very helpful.

This struggle lasted for centuries and until this very day the echoes of the church and other religious institutions’ objections to a wide variety of scientific approaches are still heard. Although this study did not go along with their faith, the basic beliefs were accepted since they helped control people and things. Our knowledge of the universe is very limited, and lately we have come to the conclusion that our view of reality is partial and fragmented. Even if we would be able to grasp it as a whole, the data from research indicates that there may be parallel universes. We simply see that without assumptions, our formulas do not agree, and so we have to take this possibility into account.

Then there are questions about the connection between the universes, and about the passage from one to another on a higher level that surrounds us but which is not accessible in our perception. Otherwise our current data does not line up.

Of course, we are looking for intelligent life on other planets. In my opinion, it’s not there,  and our poor planet is the only one where intelligent beings live, polluting and ruining the still, vegetative, and animate nature.

What a wonderful planet it could be if it were simply covered with plants. We could also add a few animals, but a few people is already too much.

Seriously and generally speaking, life on this planet is indeed a rare phenomenon. For life to appear there had to be very specific combinations of different parameters and forces of nature that enabled particles to connect into new forms and to acquire new, unique attributes of procreation in the process of biological evolution. This is a totally new level compared to the rest of the universe.
From the program “A New Life” 3/02/14

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