Soon Everyone Will Want His Own Planet

Dr. Michael LaitmanRegarding money and questions about the economy in general, countless books have been written by Nobel Prize winners in this field. Interestingly, despite this, they are frequently mistaken.

The ability to profit from a connection with other people, to buy and sell and create special relationships with them changes a person into Adam (human). Before this, people acted only through the use of force.

But today, anyone with money is found at the top of the social pyramid.

If I don’t have money, I cannot get food, establish a family or buy a house. In exchange for money I buy power, respect, and all my means of communication, because everything depends upon how the amount paid. It turns out that money is a cover, with it I can fulfill any desire.

There are some things that I cannot buy, for example, wisdom, or other kinds of characteristics I receive from nature. But it is possible to acquire them with money by buying people possessing those characteristics. For example, I can pay a person to write a book that will be signed with my name.

Not long ago, there was no substitute for money. But in the 1960s, a community of people appeared who related to wealth with contempt. They wanted to be happy about other things and wanted to be happy internally.

And even though the ego thirsts for fulfillment, many today no longer agree to a life of constant tension. A poor person has no happiness because he has no money, and a rich person has no happiness because besides money, he has nothing. And this is not a problem of money, but a problem of the society that gives us these values.

When a person has the possibility of getting everything, he loses his desire. In this sense the poor are more successful than the rich. If I have a need that I can cover through effort, if it pulls me forward, if I see pleasure through working for it in a future that shines for me from a distance, then I am happy.

A wonderful example of this need is the yearning of lovers to meet each other. This illuminates their entire lives; they wait for this meeting and are ready to overcome all difficulties for it.

If we could exist without dependence on society, let’s say, on some deserted island, and we could educate our children as we truly want, then we could get them accustomed to a simple way of life. Then they would live without tension, without crises and tragedies.

Today the world is experiencing an economic crisis. But essentially this is an ideological crisis: We have developed artificial desires in people, and after that, it turns out that we cannot satisfy them. With our claims and demands soon everyone will want his own planet. But even then he will not relax because he will immediately envy a neighbor whose planet is bigger.

The time has arrived to scrutinize how to utilize the power of covering, the power of money. On the one hand, it is necessary to educate a person such that he will bring his needs to a necessary level that we can satisfy.

On the other hand, it is necessary to think carefully about how to organize the economy so that it will be ready to create everything needed and a system of education that will move a person towards rational needs and ways to fill his spare time.

It follows that in the new economy people will be involved with the creation of money coverings for the rational balance of physical desires as well as the higher spiritual desires that will be discovered in them. This is how they will advance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/11/12

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