Money Is Merely An Equivalent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere was a time when money was equivalent to effort. A farmer sold eggs or milk, a shoemaker sold shoes. And their labor determined the value of things.

In contrast, today you simply need to print money and declare its purchasing power. These pieces of paper haven’t had the actual backing of their supposed value for a long time now.

At the same time, money must always be proportionate to human effort, and this is true of capitalism as well. Only nowadays those in power don’t know how to get back to this system, and some of them simply don’t want to.

One way or another, we’ll need to do this. Otherwise all things will devalue and the ensuing imbalance will destroy the global economy. Our present economic relations don’t even abide by healthy egoism, to say nothing of altruistic correction.

We’re talking about a society that follows the elementary rule, “Go and profit from one another.” Indeed, in reality we trade goods, whereas money is merely their equivalent. And that means the first thing we must do is to ensure the equivalent properly reflects the actual state of affairs. Otherwise we will plunge into chaos.

Today millions in a bank account may have a far greater real-world value. We have inflated the system with a myriad zeroes that carry no weight whatsoever.

A corrected society must be united in equality and reciprocity without rich or poor. Indeed, the eventual face of social justice entails the same standard of living for everyone regardless of any other factors. The first thing we must do is make sure everyone receives all that they need for a decent life, wanting for nothing as far as their basic needs.

In contrast, the business people of today do the exact opposite and thereby destroy whole continents for the sake of phantom profit, which they cannot even spend….
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/12, “The Freedom”

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  1. Look out for those who simply enjoy the wanton destruction, for it justifies their nihilism.

  2. Well put. The problem we face in wealthy countries is that the poor are not just without funds, they are without purpose. So, just as the magazines are littered with gossip demonstrating the emptiness of people’s desires, the economic system reflects the desolation of people’s vision. And don’t the prophets write that the people perish from lack of vision? In an inflated and specious economy desires are too often inflated and specious. We can’t see beyond the veil to more enduring and purposeful desires. When we do this, our economy will change to facilitate them.

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